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25 Reasons to Celebrate November 20th

25 Reasons to Celebrate November 20th

Happy Tuesday! Here's why you should be smiling so hard it hurts.

1. Turkey! Forget roasting or deep-frying. If you want a truly magical turkey, cook it in the fires of Mount Doom! The actual volcano that was used as Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings movies (real name, Mount Ruapehu) is ready to erupt! Grab your evil rings and turkey and get ready.

2. Make a hand turkey. You’ll feel better. If you don’t know how to make one, ask a child for help.

3. Make a foot turkey, too.

4. Does this headline make it sound like Justin and Selena had some sort of pox and had to get medical treatment? "Selena Gomez Goes to Hospital With Justin Bieber, Couple Spotted at Dinner."

5. Rihanna is a singer and she’s pretty. (Everyone else is talking about her this week, and I didn’t want to be left out of the conversation.)

6. Charlize Theron let the world see her buzz cut hairstyle. Looks great! Though if you bought her a comb for Christmas, you’re about to have a very O’Henry holiday.

7. Maybe Charlize Theron would like a Starbucks gift card instead. (Fingers-crossed.)

8. Speaking of gift cards, do you know what company started the trend of gift cards? Hint: The answer is Blockbuster. Before gift cards, people used paper gift certificates, or paper cash. Eww.

9. Be glad that you don’t own a beaked sea snake. They are lousy presents because the snakes are more dangerous than rattlesnakes or cobras.

10. You’re not the only hungry one this week. A star is eating a Jupiter-sized planet! And it doesn’t want to share so it’s hiding behind a cloud of magnesium. What a pig. Though I tend to eat turkey behind a cloud made of a bedsheet.

11. Cranberry sauce is good!

12. Travel Tip: Spray your suitcase with vinegar. That way, even in a busy airport, you can find your luggage easily using only the sense of smell!

13. Someone once said, “You know what these root vegetables need? Marshmallows.” And thus sweet potato casserole was born. Thank you to the crazy person who said that, though there’s a good chance he only meant it as a joke.

14. The Expendables 2 is out on DVD and while it’s a stupid movie about things going “ka-boom” and makes as much sense as Twilight, it’s still kind of fun.

15. “Deets” has been added to the Oxford Dictionary. The word means “details” or “deadly beets.”

16. It’s Vice President Joe Biden’s birthday! His middle name is Robinette. That’s a bit odd. Barack, Mitt, Robinette...remember when politicians had regular names like Grover and Lyndon?

17. Cranberry Ginger Ale is sold year-round, but tastes best in November.

18. Aww: A paralyzed dog can walk again after scientists use cells from his nose to repair his spine.

19. Shopping Tip: If you’re going to wait in line for a Black Friday sale, don’t Tweet about it because you’re telling burglars of the world that you’re not home.

20. Superhero Tip: Want to catch a burglar and save the world? Hide in your bushes and Tweet the following: “Standing in line at the store, far away from my home filled with jewels.” Then wait to become a real-life Batman!

21. Traffic Alert: Avoid highway headaches by traveling via secret tunnel. If you haven’t built your tunnel yet, get started today!

22. Check out these 20 amazing gifs showing how things work, from zippers to sewing machines!

23. It could be your birthday today. Happy (maybe) Birthday!

24. Make a fist turkey.

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