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We Want to See Your Handwriting!

We Want to See Your Handwriting!

Have you ever noticed how cool handwriting is? No? Well, we have. And we want to see yours! That's right, Sparklers, we want pictures of YOUR HANDWRITING so we can put together a giant slideshow! And there might even be awards! (Most legible handwriting, best cursive letter "d," roundest letter "o," etc.) How can you resist the chance for such a prestigious award? Yeah, you can't. So here's what you should do:

  • Write out a sentence (in your own handwritingdon't go faking anything). It can be any sentence—a quote, a joke, an opinion, a secret, anything! You get extra points if your sentence is funny, or has nice doodles around it.
  • Take a picture of your sentence! Then make sure you can still read it in photographic form.
  • Send us the picture at Make sure you send it as a jpeg attachement, and make sure it's large! (617 pixels wide, if you're a tech whiz.) And please put "HANDWRITING" in the subject line so it's easy for us to find!

Got any questions? Let us know! And get excited, because handwriting ROCKS.

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