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25 Reasons to Celebrate November 19th

25 Reasons to Celebrate November 19th

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, shopping, leftovers, and pretending to care about old friends that you haven’t seen in a year. But there are 25 more reasons to celebrate this Monday.

1. It’s Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve-Eve

2. Traveling this week? Here’s another fun game to play when stuck at the airport or in traffic: Check your phone to see what time it is. Score one point for every minute that you watch pass by. The winner is the first person to nab 322 points. If you witness the clock hitting either noon or midnight, you get an extra point.

3. It’s Flag Day in Brazil!

4. Book Report: The one thing that can always fill your "read need" is a used book vending machine.

5. Book Report 2: There are thousands of fun bookmarks out there, but go with a smashed dead guy. That’s how you’ll meet interesting people on the train, in the coffee shop, or in the waiting room of your fancy deli.

6. It’s the little things that make life special. Atoms, specifically.

7. Twinkies aren’t going away! It’s a Brazilian Flag Day miracle!

8. Justin Bieber won Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards. This is strange because A) he’s Canadian and B) he’s not American. But it’s tough to complain about an awards show that has as much prestige and importance as a “World’s Best Grandpa” t-shirt.

9. During his acceptance speech, Bieber said, “This is for all the haters.” Thanks, Biebs. I’ll be by later to pick up the trophy.

10. It’s the birthday of fashion designer Calvin Klein. He’s probably celebrating by riding down a hill in his wagon along with a frightened stuffed tiger.

11. Was it tough waking up this morning? It’s going to be even worse next Monday after the holiday weekend, so stop dragging!

12. “You know they didn’t even eat turkey at the first Thanksgiving, right?” said your annoying, know-it-all, party-pooper friend.

13. Surprised Red Panda

14. San Francisco is considering a ban on public nudity, which means right now there is no such law. Yay?

15. Headline of the Day: Kung Fu Nuns Teach Cosmic Energy to CERN Scientists

16. Pep Talk of the Day: If at first you don’t succeed...oh. You succeeded? OK, cool. Nevermind. You’re good. Congrats! No, I don't always assume you'll fail. I was just saying that maybe know what? Forget it.

17. Anxious to see Life of Pi this weekend? Stay away from the internet before someone spoils the ending. (That happened to me. Jerks.) And if anyone spoils the ending, they are a horrible, wretched blabber beast who I hereby curse to have only ugly children.

18. Did you get a Wii U this weekend? How is it? Can I have a turn? Can I have two turns?

19. Jurassic Park is coming back to theaters in 3D. While I’m not a fan of the 3D-ification of old movies, at least this means my impression of the game warden is relevant again. “Clever girl...”

20. With only three days left before Thanksgiving, you stopped reading this list, haven’t you? You’re already in vacation mode. Fine. But you’re missing out because this sentence ends with the word minotaur!

21. If the Wii U is sold out, don’t panic. You can make your own using a cardboard box, lots of microchips and technology, and your imagination!

22. Happy Birthday to Meg Ryan! She was once the queen of romantic comedies like You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seatle. Then Amy Adams stole her thunder and now Meg works as a cobbler in Maine...or so I assume. Didn’t bother to look up Ryan’s career.

23. It’s officially OK to put Christmas music on your iPod.

24. You can find plenty of parking at the mall today. Enjoy it while it lasts. (I’m taking up three spaces just because I can.)

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