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25 reasons to Celebrate November 16th

25 reasons to Celebrate November 16th

Happy Friday! If you still need a reason to wear a smile, read this. And for best results, read it in the voice of Marge Simpson.

1. It’s the 60th birthday of Shigeru Miyamoto, the king of Nintendo who helped created Mario, Zelda, and just about everything that’s great about the company. Happy Birthday! Celebrate by eating a flower and killing a turtle with fire!

2. Awww: Astronomers found a giant planet, but the poor guy is an “orphan planet” because he doesn’t orbit a sun. He’s all alone! Just floating out there! This is a Disney/Pixar movie waiting to happen. Starless Charlie: The Planet That Needs a Sweater.

3. Just because it’s raining or you’re underwater, that doesn’t mean you can give up your National Novel Writing Month goals. Use Rite In The Rain notebooks to keep authoring even during wet weather. Or just go inside.

4. Are Justin and Selena back together!? If so, they need to share a plate at my Thanksgiving dinner because I only made enough mashed ham for 88 people. Not 89. If they both want mashed ham, they need to BYOMH.

5. Weekend Plans: This is the last weekend before the holiday season kicks off, so spend it wisely by relaxing, sleeping late, and trying to forget that candy canes aren’t that great.

6. Movie News: People are telling me on Twitter that there are no jetpacks in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2: Creative Title: Wolves-n-Stuff. What?! No jetpacks? Not even little ones? I hate to even ask if Emmett uses sword stilts. [Dan goes back to the Thinking Lake.]

7. New Word: Is there a word for when you’re on a website, and forget and click to visit the same website that you’re already on? I do that often and am not ashamed to admit it. Let’s make a word for that. Here are options:

Dumb Dan

8. A loyal Dan-Fan wore this great shirt and enjoyed outdoor spaghetti! It's Blogging Twilight brought to life! Thanks, Kelsi!

9. Keira Knightley is starring in Anna Karenina, which is just Les Miserables but in Russia and with less singing, right?

10. We're going to be disappointed when time travel technology is perfected and we all go back in time and learn that not every woman in olden days looked like Keira Knightley. And not everyone had British accents. Some had Russian accents. And dinosaurs didn’t roar, they giggled.

11. Want to see Einstein’s brain? Here you go!

12. Pumpkin muffins! Eat them!

13. You can see an NBA game for ten cents! That’s not a typo. But this is: Mississppiippi. Ticket prices for big league games have taken a nose dive. The NBA should spice things up by adding fire and panthers to the b-ball court and only allowing teams made of kindergartners, because they are hilariously uncoordinated. Mean, too.

14. Scary fish! Play this video and your computer screen becomes the devil’s aquarium!

15. Superstorm Sandy was a disaster, but maybe she was just trying to find this buried ship.

16. Another reason to see The Hobbit: Before the movie, you’ll get to see the 9-minute trailer for the new Star Trek sequel!!! Star Trek and Tolkien? The only way to make this nerdier is if Doctor Who shows up and kisses Princess Leia.

17. Pumpkin bread! Eat it!

18. Travel Tip: If you’re spending the weekend stuck on the highway, here’s a fun game you can play. Try to spot as many triangles as you can. If you find 1,688 triangles (no more, no less) you win! Does anyone know the phone number for Milton Bradley? This game could make a fortune!

19. Pumpkin soup! Slurp it!

20. Question: In Star Wars Angry Birds, what the heck does the Obi-Wan Bird do, besides suck? Han Solo Bird is the best!!!

21. Pumpkin butter! Spread it!

22. Monday is so far away you can’t even hear its loud, guttural bark...yet.

23. Pumpkin helmet! Wear it!

24. Though you may be staying home tonight while friends are out having fun, remember that at least you have a sun. Yep. Still upset after thinking about that poor orphan planet. Let’s adopt him! NASA, can we keep him? It can be my Christmas present?! (I also want Assassin’s Creed 3 and a hilarious mug.)

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