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Become a Lego Movie Star

Become a Lego Movie Star

We all know that Lego is the greatest thing to happen to blocks since wood, and now Lego will be the greatest thing to happen to movies since Batman. Lego: The Motion Picture is currently in production, and your very own Lego creation has a chance at Hollywood stardom!

All you need to do is enter the The Lego Motion Picture Vehicle Design Contest! You could win $1,000 and your creation might be seen in the movie.

The rules are simple: Use Lego bricks to make your very own vehicle. The only catch is that your vehicle must have started out as something else. For example: A house that becomes a snowplow, or an oven that becomes a blimp.

Easy, right?

If you still need inspiration, just take one item from section A below and turn it into one item from section B.

Fire Hydrant
Sandra Bullock
Pet Store

That turns into...

Cosmic Sled with Time Travel Crystal and Kitchen
Pogo Stick
Pogo Boat
Honda Civic

Using Lego bricks should be the basis for every contest, even the Olympics. If this is your first time building Lego things, here are some tips.

1. Use your imagination muscles. If you say the red brick is a rocket booster, then it is a rocket booster. If you say the red brick is a 14th century vase that smells like raisins, then it’s a 14th century vase that smells like raisins. We will believe you.

2. Wheels will turn anything into a car. Anything.

3. When in doubt, use a flat piece and call it a wing.

4. The best Lego brick colors are as follows: Clear, red, and gray. This is not open for debate.

5. You don’t have to make noises when flying your spaceship or cosmic sled. You also don’t have to put whip cream on hot chocolate. These are your decisions. We only ask that you carefully consider the outcome.

Now there is nothing stopping you from making Lego greatness and entering the contest. Click here to enter and to check out the official rules. The contest ends December 1st, so hurry!

Please note: There are actually two separate contests, one for children and one for teens and adults. Now go! Build! Be famous!

You’re building a jetpack, right?

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