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Which Disney Character Are You Compatible With?

Which Disney Character Are You Compatible With?

Figuring out which men make good boyfriends can be tricky, especially when you’re five years old. Which is why a lot of you ladies out there probably believe that the Prince Charming you grew up watching in countless Disney films would be the most ideal bf’s for you. But this is wrong. Those charming princes are nothing more than pretty faces with shallow hearts. Think about it, every single one of them fell “in love” with a girl at first sight. What does that tell you, cause it tells us that they weren’t actually in love with the girl at all, they just wanted her bod. Stupid, shallow princes.

But do not fret ladies, there are plenty of good eligible men in the animated land of Happily Ever After, you just have to know where to look. Which is why we have created this list just for you!

Scuttle (from Little Mermaid) – The Goofball Boyfriend

Yes, he’s a bird; but he’s so much more than that, too. He’s your classic, hilarious goofball boyfriend who can turn any boring ordinary object into an absurdly amazing device. Or have you forgotten about the dinglehopper? The sophisticated instrument used to straighten your hair out. And how about the snorflax? With that little baby he could take you back to ancient times, when people would just stare at each all day, and play sweet snorflax music all night. Goofy and romantic? Yeah, he’s BF material alright.

Robin Hood (from Robin Hood) – The Bad Boy with a Heart of Gold Boyfriend

Robin Hood is the anti-Prince Charming. This dashing fox is not afraid to spit in the face of the monarch establishment as he robs from the rich and gives to the poor. What’s more, he’s an incredibly skilled archer and enjoys long walks in the woods. He’s also great with kids! Remember in the movie when the little boy bunny got robbed of his birthday money and started to cry, so Robin gave him his own bow and arrow? Remember how those sad little bunny eyes suddenly filled with happiness? That could be your happiness, if you let Robin (the fox) Hood be your bad boy with a heart of gold.

Jack Skellington (from Nightmare Before Christmas) — The Ambitious Boyfriend

The problem with princes is that they lack ambition. They’re already set up to be king one day, so why try to do anything more with their lives? Maybe these lazy princes should take a look at Mr. Jack Skellington, a man who was not satisfied with just being the Pumpkin King of Halloween, so he decided to become freaking Santa Claus too. Will you ride with him to the top of success mountain on his sleigh of nightmares? There’s room for one more…

Fox (from The Fox & the Hound) — The Wounded Boyfriend Who Needs to Be Nurtured

Sometimes, great boyfriends are right around you, but they are too scared or emotionally hurt to show their true selves to you. Fox is a perfect example of this. He was once truly happy; he had a home, a loving mom, and the greatest best friend of all time. But thanks to the unfair rules of society, he was abandoned by his loved ones and thrown into a cold strange world he did not know. But he’s still the loving, caring person (er, fox) he always was, he just needs someone to show him that it’s okay to open his heart up to someone again.

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