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25 Reasons to Celebrate November 13th

25 Reasons to Celebrate November 13th

Sad? Cranky? Miserable? Sick? Read these reasons to celebrate today and by the end of the list, you will feel better. This is prescription strength, so don’t operate heavy machinery while reading.

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2: More Colons: Jacob Likes Babies: Movie of Life is just a few days away! But save your money. If you want to know all about true love and what it means to have a united soul, read Blogging Twilight. It’s an ode to one of the greatest literary achievements of humankind.

2. Clear frogs!

3. Do you know Alabama’s official state amphibian? It’s the Red Hills salamander. Bring this up during dinner tonight and you’ll become President of Knowledge!

4. Hmm. So far this list is about Twilight and amphibians. The next item better be really, really great or else this will be the worst list ever written.

5. On this date in 1864, Greece adopted a new constitution!!!!!!!! That’s totally bonkers! Wow! Way to go, Greece! You have laws! Neat!

6. [sigh]

7. It’s Whoopi Goldberg’s birthday. That’s fun, right? No? Sorry. (Happy birthday, Whoopi. You were great in Ghost.)

8. Here’s something fun: The American Oxford Dictionary chose “GIF” as their word of the year. Definition: Short little online movies without sound that sometimes don’t load correctly. Second Definition: How a toddler says, “Gift.”

9. Gesundheit! (Though most readers didn’t sneeze just now, at least one did. And so this was worth it.)

10. This is the very best motorcycle jacket and motorcycle protective gear.

11. The news is very concerned with the General Petraeus scandal. This is good because it means there are no hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, snow storms, avalanches, volcanoes, zombies, ice volcanoes, or wizard lightning attacks to report. All is calm.

12. There’s a penny on the street in New York. I didn’t pick it up. You can have it. (It’s kind of green.)

13. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But if life gives you a baby brother, don’t squeeze it and mix with sugar and ice. That only works with the lemons.

14. By this time next week, the chance that you’ll actually get anything done is 0.004. The week before Thanksgiving might as well come with sweatpants and pillows because it’s the least productive week of the year.

15. Make your own Snickers bar. Or just buy one. Either way, you get candy.

16. If there’s a bear in your room, he’s probably just as scared of you, as you are of him. I know this because I read his diary. He’s got issues.

17. The best fight you can possible have with relatives: Pumpkin Pie vs. Pecan Pie. And the answer is Pecan Pie.

18. It’s cold season, but you can prevent sickness by washing your hands, and washing the hands of other people in the bathroom. This ensures everyone has a thorough wash.

19. Feeling sad? Remember: Crying attracts centipedes. (possibly)

20. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and Halo 4 are setting all kinds of sales records. Meanwhile, my homemade version of Guitar Hero: Les Miserables goes unplayed.

21. Gravy! It’s the season of gravy! Gravy is like ice cream sprinkles for meat!

22. People are texting less! Maybe it’s because it’s easier to email or use chat apps. Or maybe it’s because telling your friend, “Where R U?” isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

23. Shouldn’t you be studying? Hmm. Better make this more academic so that it counts as learning. Here’s something: Zinc was often imported to Europe from the Orient during the 17th century, and it doesn’t taste like carrots.

24. Need something to Tweet about? Choose from these topics:

Justin Bieber’s Love Life
Why All Foam Doesn’t Taste the Same
Who’s Stronger: The Incredible Hulk or Three Dinosaurs
Sexy, Sexy Knees
Spring 2004

25. Today is Tuesday the 13th!!! Spooky!

Can you list 25 reason to celebrate today? Consider this a dare.

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