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"It's Thanksgiving" Proves Thanksgiving Music Shouldn't Exist

"It's Thanksgiving" Proves Thanksgiving Music Shouldn't Exist

There is a real and terrible reason why there is no genre of Thanksgiving music, and "It's Thanksgiving" by Nicole Westbrook is the perfect example. Forget for a moment all the awful similarities between this song and Rebecca Black's "Friday," and let's just focus on all the reasons this song is wonderfully wrong, okay?

Like, for instance, the lyrics.

"With the turkey (hey!)

and mashed potatoes (hey!)

we we we are gonna have a good time"

And that's just a small sampling. How can a pop song take itself so seriously when regarding mashed potatoes? Then, of course, there's the random older guy who joins in around 1:46. Is that the same guy from Rebecca Black's "Friday?" Why is he hanging out with a bunch of twelve-year-olds? Isn't this kind of creepy?

And to top it all off, there's the turkey leg bit. We could have maybe liked this song if not for this bit. But under no circumstances, ever, should anyone break off a turkey leg and sing into it like it's a microphone. That is just unacceptable. (And vaguely disturbing, right?)

This is why there should be no Thanksgiving music. Really. Though, to be honest, we're probably going to be showing this to all our friends and family once T-day comes around. (Hey, the mashed potato line is a bit catchy, okay?)

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