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25 Reason to Celebrate November 12th

25 Reason to Celebrate November 12th

Mondays are the best! (Not really. But if you smile and are happy, you can convince your body and mind that today is NOT one big 24-hour smack to the eyeball.)

1. It’s the observance of Veteran's Day. If you know a veteran, hug them mightily. Thank you to all the men and women who have protected us and continue to protect us.

2. You can have cereal that’s made entirely of marshmallows! Why did it take us this long to develop such a thing?

3. Star Wars Angry Birds is out now. While the Angry Birds phenomena is slowly fading, there’s no denying that being able to wield a lightsaber makes any smartphone game better. (And the music and sound effects are perfect!)

4. Dorothy's iconic dress from The Wizard of Oz sold for $480,000 at auction. If this is the Christmas present you’ve giving me, please know that I appreciate the thought, but what I really wanted was the Tin Man’s hat, or just the cash.

5. Yesterday was 11/11. Did you make a wish? Too bad! Because my wish was for all other wishes to be ignored.

6. It’s Anne Hathaway’s birthday! Her name sounds like the end of the Christmas poem. Now Hath-away, Hath-away, Hath-away all! Can you tell Christmas is almost here?

7. It can’t be Monday forever! In fact, this Monday is almost dead. Mwahahaha!

8. Something to think about: If I were a fish doctor who specializes in fish hatching, I would have a clock on the wall that screamed, “Make a fish!” when the clock struck 11:11.

9. Click this and you will say, “Duh! That makes so much sense!”

10. Idea: Socks with pictures of rockets on the toe. Missile Toe Socks. Make that happen, universe.

11. Real invisibility cloaks. For real this time! Maybe.

12. Grab an umbrella. There are three, count ‘em, three meteor showers between now and December 13th.

13. I’m not making a joke about Elmo. Proud of me? I am.

14. Are the calendars busted or is Thanksgiving really next week!

15. The calendars aren’t busted!

16. If you carefully and slowly fold a dollar bill in just the right way, people will stare at you on the subway. This is one way to make friends.

17. Aww: If you fell down today, it’s only because the Earth wanted a hug.

18. Umm: Sometimes the Earth doesn’t want to be hugged. Get off the ground. You’re creeping everyone out.

19. It’s milkshake Monday! (Just invented for the purposes of this article.)

20. Need help with homework? The answer might be 73-meters of canvas. You’re welcome.

21. Birds don’t know it’s Christmas, so you can give them a present in July and say it’s for Christmas. That should ease some of your holiday stress.

22. Healthy Pepsi?

23. How do you wrap a present for a skeleton? With an el-bow!

24. This list is almost done!

25. This list is finished! Bring on tomorrow!

Why are you celebrating November 12th?

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