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The Trailer for Despicable Me 2 Is Despica-diculously Cute

The Trailer for Despicable Me 2 Is Despica-diculously Cute

GUYS, did you notice how I basically just revolutionized the English language and combined the words "Despicable" and "Ridiculously" into a single, way BETTER word?!  LE'GENIUS, right?!

Ok, yes, I may have consumed an unhealthy amount of leftover Halloween Tootsie Rolls this morning (is 56 too many or not enough?), and I may be typing this post in the midst of a Level 6 Sugar Black-Out, but that shouldn't detract from the brilliance of my new idea, NOR from the real reason we're all here: to watch the new Despicable Me 2 trailer. The movie doesn't come out for approximately one million days (it'll be released July 3, 2013), which is actually great news, because it gives us loads of time to watch these adorable yellow potato babies (that's how I've referred to the "minions" since I saw Despicable Me, which spawned one of my absolute favorite gifs of all time) babble incoherently and hit golf balls off each other's faces. IT'LL MAKE MORE SENSE ONCE YOU PRESS PLAY.

Is this the only trailer ever made that contains NO ACTUAL WORDS?! Don't you wish you had a billion little potato babies of your own to carry around in your pockets? YOU WILL AFTER YOU WATCH THEM SING THIS BANANA SONG. Did you see Despicable Me? Do you think you'll check out DM2?

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