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Hot Guys Coming Through! Stock Boy Bracket Round 2

Felicitations, Horndogs! Our apologies for the rain delay on the second round of the Hubba Hubba Stock Boy Bracket. Complaints can be addressed to "Dr. Alduous Frankenstorm c/o Mr. Al Roker c/o Mr. Jim Cantore c/o Mr. Dan Bergstein."
Only one round into the bracket, we've already learned a few things about you, Sparklers: 1) You would never ever objectify a person under any circumstances unless forced to at Sparklepoint, in which case you will do so with delirious glee and lascivious mirth; 2) It's all in the eyes; 3) You have a hard time telling left from right. Now, have fun with Round 2. These match-ups just aren't fair.

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