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14 Amazing Things I Learned on the Set of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES

14 Amazing Things I Learned on the Set of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES

A few months ago, I got to visit the set of "Beautiful Creatures" near New Orleans, Louisiana. It was one of the coolest days of my life (second only to the day I got a Christmas card from Dan). We toured the sets (including a magical library!), ate all the crab cakes we could stuff into our faces, and interviewed REAL-LIVE MOVIE STARS, including Viola Davis and Alden Ehrenreich (don't click that link unless you can handle high levels of smoldering babeliness).

On set, I tried to act like a cool cat (people still say "cool cat," right?), but secretly, my mind was blown by everything I saw. Here are the fourteen most amazing things I learned:

1. Actors sometimes have to work in the middle of the night. A van picked us up at our hotel around 7 p.m. and drove us to the set. We didn't leave until almost 3 a.m.—and all the actors and crew members were still there, acting and working and stuff!

2. This movie was basically made for Sparklers. As many of you know, "Beautiful Creatures" is based on a series of novels about Lena Duchannes, the mysterious new girl in town, and Ethan Wate, a cute guy who feels stifled by his tiny community. It's full of making out, running around libraries, writing, reading, and more making out. All of our favorite things!

3. There's a lot of incredibly delicious food on movie sets. There was a whole team of chefs on the set of "Beautiful Creatures," cooking for the cast and crew. When they saw how hungry and jealous we writers looked, they kindly offered us some food. Here's what I ate:

- Crab cakes with mango sauce
- Salad
- The best watermelon and pineapple my tongue has ever tasted
- An ice cream cone
- A made-to-order berry smoothie

I may have gone back for a second round of crab cakes, but you can't PROVE that I did.

4. There's also a lot of waiting around on movie sets. Between interviews, we would click on our phones, gossip about JLo's boyfriend, and discuss New Direction. Hours would go by. Then, suddenly, Viola Davis or Alice Englert would walk over, beaming out famous-movie-celebrity rays of magic, and we would all get nervous and drop our voice recorders on the floor.

5. Viola Davis was there! I still can't believe it. I was in the same room with one of my favorite actresses! And she said words that I heard with my ears!

6. Viola Davis has read all the Twilight books! I wanted to show her Blogging Twilight on my phone, but I was too shy.

7. AND she loves Star Trek! That's right: Viola Davis, glamor queen and Oscar nominee, is a big Trekkie.

8. Alice Englert is self-conscious. Although she's beautiful, her mom is an Oscar-winning director, and she has a charming English accent, Alice Englert is like any other nervous, slightly awkward girl. When she first came out to meet us, she said she was sorry to keep us waiting, but she wanted to take off her screen makeup first, so she wouldn't make a bad impression. When asked if she felt out of place growing up, like Lena does, she said of course. "I'm still an adolescent girl—I'm self-conscious constantly. Isn't everybody?" (Yes!)

9. She hated high school. "I think high school is really an unattractive and cold place."

10. She should definitely be a Sparkler. When I asked her if she identifies with Lena's love of books and writing, she said, "I've always loved writing, I love reading...I don't understand it when people say they only read magazines. It's weird to think that reading books is a subculture now, that going to libraries is weird these days." She loves Wuthering Heights, The Road, and Charles Bukowski. She's clearly one of us. Hey, for all we know, she could be Splurking right this second!

11. Alden Ehrenreich is a perfect gentleman. He introduced himself to all the reporters and writers and bloggers, asked how we were doing, and shook our hands. I'm pretty sure he shook my hand for an extra-long time.

12. Alden Ehrenreich loves to read. Like his character, Ethan, he's a major book nerd.

13. Alden Ehrenreich has the bone structure of a Greek god. The only thing prettier than his cheekbones is his jaw.

14. I may have a creepy crush on Alden Ehrenreich. Can you blame me??

Beautiful Creatures comes out on February 13, 2013. Do you plan to see it? Do you have a crush on Alden? Don't you think Alice sounds like a Sparkler?

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