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They Make Buildings Out of WHAT?!

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They Make Buildings Out of WHAT?!

Ever wonder how to build something using the dehydrated blood of a cow? Or how to make something out of dryer lint, or already chewed gum? If yes, have we got the list for you! If no, then what are you? Some kind of weirdo? Check out some of the more interesting building materials we came across:

Cow Blood

They look like steak-y bouillon cubes that warped to Giant Land in a Mario Brothers game. They are made of a composite of sand, a preservative, and the blood of dead cows. What are they? They’re waterproof blood bricks, of course! A UK architecture grad wanted to find a way to utilize the remains of cows once they’ve become steaks and burgers, and he found one. “By mixing in some sand (and a preservative), and then baking that for one hour at just 160 °F, you can make waterproof and structurally passable bricks.” Of bovine blood. Points and props for inventiveness, even though it’s cringe-worthy!

Human Hair

UK artist Kerry Howley has whipped some hair back and forth and created a line of necklaces that would make Ser Jorah Mormont proud. That’s right! If your bald chest is in need of a little flair, why not decorate it with some woven hair? We’re not sure what you’d do with one of these other than wear it for something Halloween-themed, but they’re definitely worth a look.

Used Bubblegum

We’ve all stepped in a wad of chewed goo and cursed the Gods. Anna Bullus has decided to do something about that pesky problem by putting gum receptacles on street corners. Oh yeah, and these receptacles? They’re made of already chewed gum and bio resin. When these containers are full of chewed chicle, the entire container is then recycled and used to make more bins. But the uses of chewed gum don’t stop there—it has also been used to make a Rocky-like sculpture! Check it out! It’s actually quite good!

Beer Bottles

An Argentinean man made his house from over 6 million glass bottles he acquired from random places. Of course, he also used water/mortar, but this is 100% real—he gives a tour of his bottle house and shows how he did it in this YouTube video. He says that the house is fully functional, and notes that the bottles also serve as a built-in weather system, whistling wildly when winds and storms are coming!

Soda can tabs

We came across a few odd things made of these tabs that open our beloved sugar-laden beverages, but none were as cool as this dragon made of soda can tabs. It’s not huge—it stands 14x8 inches—but it’s pretty wicked looking! In fact, these particular tabs can be quite geek-friendly if you get creative with them. Check out Tabistry, where you can see corsets, crowns, chain mail, and all kinds of warrior-like gear made entirely from the tabs of soda cans!

Dryer lint

This mural of the Last Supper currently resides in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum in Orlando Florida. It was made by a Michigan woman who saved dryer lint for 7 months before she realized that she couldn’t do much with various shades of gray. So, she bought towels that were the shade of the colors she wanted, and spent an estimated 700-800 hours doing laundry in preparation for her Last Supper portrait! She says that the response she has gotten regarding the coolness of the project was worth all the time she spent. Imagine if she had tried to use belly button lint!

Cigarette butts

Flore Garcia Bour made something that was once literally smokin’! We’ll call it an environmenthol creation! Using glue, thread, and some neutral-colored fabric, she crafted a dress composed largely of discarded cigarette butts! Bour, who was concerned with the accumulating amounts of trash she was seeing on the streets of her native Paris, decided to get creative. She collected over 2,000 butts from the streets for the dress, which looks exactly like something you’d see on an odd Project Runway challenge!

What other crazy/cool building materials have you seen out there?

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