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Quiz: Who's Your Feminist Icon?

Quiz: Who's Your Feminist Icon?

It's kind of funny (in a hrmm way, not a haha way) that half the world has a uterus, and yet we have a whole classification of people (feminists) who became icons just for standing up for that uterus (and the woman attached to it). You've probably studied some of them: Mary Wollstonecraft, Susan B. Anthony, Simone de Beauvoir, Virginia Woolf, Gloria Steinem...  to name a few. But when it comes to selecting a contemporary feminist to put on your Feminism Altar (you have one, right? Mine is made of tampons and features framed photos of Ani DiFranco and Tori Amos), how do you choose? By taking this quiz, that's how.

1. If a guy makes an unwelcome catcall in your direction, you:
a. Sue him.
b. Stay cool and text the Secret Service to take him out.
c. Make a joke about his back hair.
d. Bring him laxative cupcakes tomorrow.
e. Climb him like a tree.

2. You think gender roles are:
a. Unconstitutional.
b. Irrelevant.
c. Funny.
d. Better with poppy seeds.
e. Bendable.

3. You feel that a woman's body is:
a. Protected by law.
b. None of your damn business.
c. Kind of lumpy.
d. Capable of creating incredible things, like hand-crocheted silk fingerless mittens. Oh, and children.
e. A canvas.

4. If there was a women's rights protest in your area, you would:
a. Be organizing it.
b. Be speaking at it.
c. Be (guest) covering it for Weekend Update.
d. Bring cinnamon apple popovers for everyone marching.
e. Tweet it.

5. You think the new Bic Pen for Women is:
a. Great for writing your majority opinion.
b. One step closer to Sharia law.
c. A small (and not very good) rolling pin.
d. Great for stabbing ineffectual male underlings in the femoral artery.
e. A Monster Ballpoint.

If you answered mostly As: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

If you answered mostly Bs: Hillary Clinton

If you answered mostly Cs: Tina Fey

If you answered mostly Ds: Martha Stewart

If you answered mostly Es: Lady Gaga

Who's your feminist icon?

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