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The 13 Best Pixar Movies

The 13 Best Pixar Movies

Last week’s list of The 50 Best Disney Animated Movies caused some controversy and anger. It seems we can’t all agree. But such is life. Now let’s pick the best Pixar movies! And then fight! And the loudest person wins!!!

13. Cars 2
It’s fun and pretty, but even toddlers can tell that the Cars series is nothing more than a chance for Disney to make bazillions of dollars selling Cars toys. The story for Cars 2 involves espionage and hijinks that feel more at home on a Saturday morning cartoon. What’s worse, Disney/Pixar will probably dump out a few more forgettable sequels.

12. A Bug’s Life
After Pixar changed the world with Toy Story, the follow-up was less-than-stellar. A Bug’s Life has great moments, but if you say it’s better than the next eleven movies, you are a liar who’s only here to cause trouble.

11. Ratatouille
This was a tough call. On one hand, the movie looks amazing and tells a story that’s unique. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense! The movie was perfect until the rat somehow managed to convey percise instructions to the chef by simply tugging on the chef’s hair. How the hell does that work? How does a slight tug of the hair inform the chef that he needs to add more salt? I know it’s only a cartoon, but come on! They couldn’t think of any better way to have Remy communicate with the chef than via non-specific hair tugs? If a rat tugged on my hair, my first instinct wouldn’t be: Walk over to the garlic and mince it finely. I would scream, and then kill the rat. Where’s the logic! WHERE?!?! This whole rat-on-the-head trick does not add up!!! Sorry, but this is a very sore point with me. All that said, Patton Oswalt is fantastic and should be in every movie.

10. Cars
This is what happens when a straight A student turns in B-minus work. Had this been Pixar’s only movie, it would be a great one. But we all know Pixar can, and has, done much better. It’s a fine, watchable movie but doesn’t quite compare with the rest of the best. And a little Mater goes a long way.

The first half of this movie is perfect. The second half becomes too preachy and repetitive. If they make WALL-E 2, they must remove all humans from the story and let the robots rule as they should.

8. Brave
What’s with all the women in popular culture these days wielding bows and arrows? Katniss, Brave’s Merida, the girl on Revolution, Legolas...

7. Monsters Inc.
It’s adorable. And the last twenty minutes is an epic chase that would make even Indiana Jones sweat.

6. The Incredibles
Who would have guessed that the best superhero movie of the last decade was actually a satire about superheros? There are days (usually when I'm sick with a cold or it's Thanksgiving) that The Incredibles is actually my favorite Pixar movie, but today I need to leave room for the other favorites.

5. Toy Story 3
The scene in the trash pit as the toys face the incinerator is one of the greatest achievements in cinema history. Even writing about it makes me teary. So why isn’t the movie number one? The other movies are better overall, and I don’t think Lots-O was punished severely enough for his crimes.

4. Finding Nemo
There has never been a better movie about overprotective parenting and forgetful fish.

3. Toy Story
The first Toy Story is also the first full-length Pixar movie and it’s remarkable that they got everything right the first time. If I had to change one thing, it’s that the evil neighbor Sid is actually a very industrious and creative child and not that villainous. Shouldn’t we appreciate his imagination? Sure, he mutilated his toys, but he did so to explore his own inner-artist and angst. He didn’t know they were alive! We’re meant to hate Sid, and while he’s kind of a jerk and a bully, he’s hardly the worst Disney villain. He’s just misunderstood. He grows up to be a trash collector (as seen in Toy Story 3) and I like to imagine his house filled with wonderful trash art, that he will one day sell for millions. Keep being yourself, Sidney!

2. Up
Can’t even...[Dan cries until he’s completely dehydrated] And then after that sadness, there’s a bird named Kevin and airships. You could show this movie to a tree and the tree would learn to speak only to say, “Thank you for showing me this movie!” It’s so good. Even if you hate it, you must admit that it’s at the very least original. How many, “Old guy uses balloons to fly his house to tropical location” movies have you watched?

1. Toy Story 2
This is how you make a sequel: Take everything that made the first movie great, and then add more great stuff to it. The Toy Story gang are the best group of friends in any Disney movie, Pixar or otherwise. Suck on that, Aristocats! Lousy, jazzy Aristocats...

How would you rank the Pixar movies? And don't put Cars 2 as number one. Just don't.

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