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How to Cope When Your BFF/Crush Rejects You

How to Cope When Your BFF/Crush Rejects You

You’ve psyched yourself up, primped within an inch of your life, and practiced what you need to say over and over again. Then, you gather your courage and do it: you approach your crush and tell him you like him and would like to maybe go on a date. Sadly, it’s not meant to be. Your crush freezes up and you realize you’ve made a horrible, horrible mistake. You will not begin furiously making out, you do not get to pass go, and you definitely don’t collect 200 dollars. The extra sucky twist is that you’ve just declared your sweaty teen love to your best friend.

It sucks when you’ve been rejected, but it sucks a million times more when your best friend rejects you. The person who would have comforted you if someone else had shut you down is the one who made you feel sad. This situation is an awkward sundae with a side of hot misery. Honestly the only thing that will truly fix the damage is time. However, you can speed the process and lessen the awkwardness of unrequited love with these easy steps.

- Follow up your statement of love with something along the lines of, “I want you to know how I feel because we’re so close. Please don’t feel weird because we are definitely friends first.
- Alternatively, just punch your bestie in the gut and say, “PSYCH!”
- Mope, weep, and wallow. Take as much time as you need to get over the sting of rejection—but try not to act super depressed and hurt around your friend. She probably already feels bad, and giving off negative vibes is just going to make both of you feel like crap. Don’t force yourself to smile and be a bouncing peppy ray of sunshine; the point is to remain fairly neutral and try your best to be your regular self, not the self that dumps their sad everywhere.
- Don’t ignore your friend. It’s one thing to avoid him for a week or so because looking at his face makes you want to cry and throw up, but full-on excommunication and cold shouldering will only make you lose both your dignity and what connection you have.
- Soon your wounds will heal and you may be tempted to try again. Don’t. Think back to how you felt and avoid making any grand gestures that could have come out of a John Hughes movie. John Cusack holding up a boom box was cute and original, but you trying to do the same thing with your iPod speakers is only going to be confusing and embarrassing.
- Spend time with other people instead of just with your best friend. Group hangouts will help you transition more smoothly into one-on-one friendship time again.

This, of course, is only relevant if you want to stay friends with your BFF. If you don't, you can always just throw something at them and run far, far away in the opposite direction.

Have you ever confessed a crush to your best friend? How did it go?

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