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Why Crushes Can Be Better Than Boyfriends

Why Crushes Can Be Better Than Boyfriends

We have a theory. We think the point of crushes isn’t really the possibility of dating someone in the end. Instead, we think crushes are all about creating elaborate, hilarious stalker plans with your friends, embracing the ridiculous fun of obsession, and having a reason to employ James Bond–level spy techniques to find out whether your crush really, seriously was once in a punk band, because that would be so hot. Here are the top reasons why having a crush can be even better than having a relationship:

1. Crushes basically require you to geek out with your friends. Once you’re actually dating someone, you can’t keep calling him the Sixth-Period Lord of Hotness, because that’s just bragging. You also can’t giggle for nine hours while having practice crush conversations with your friends (please tell us we aren’t the only one who did that), because relationships require talking for real.

2. Your free time is yours, all yours! The right kind of SO both needs and wants the two of you to have separate interests and lives. But there’s still something to be said for not having to explain out loud that no, you can't go out Friday night, because you're too busy making all your T-shirts into ninja masks.

3. It’s never as good as you think it’s gonna be. In general this is a terrible reason to not do something—but it’s a little bit different when it comes to crushes. Crushes thrive under the worst of conditions. Without light and air (i.e., information and contact), they grow like magical beanstalks, inspiring you to write such unforgivable rhyming couplets as “just like Heaven” and “I saw you at the 7-11.” Sometimes it’s more fun to imagine magical pony rides through Shangri-la with a crush than it is to make stilted conversation with them under the cold, hard light of Denny's.

4. You can focus on your friendships. We’ve all had that friend who pulls a disappearing act the minute she starts dating someone, only to reappear months later, newly broken up and expecting full-on friend therapy. Though friend breakups definitely occur, and high-school sweethearts do occasionally get married, your friends are still likely to stick around a lot longer than the person you just started calling Sugarpants. (You should stop doing that.)

5. If you’re in a relationship, you no longer get to crush on eeeeveryone. Have a little respect. Getting a real SO means retiring your “Mrs. Gordon-Levitt” T-shirt (for a little while), putting your sexy Chris Hemsworth gif Tumblr on temporary hold, and no longer cultivating the five to ten mini-crushes you’ve got going for a rainy day.

We gotta say, these points are pretttttty convincing! Do you think crushes are more fun than ACTUAL relationships?

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