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How You Can Help: The Hurricane Sandy Relief Round-Up

How You Can Help: The Hurricane Sandy Relief Round-Up

Recently, NBC Universal and The Red Cross teamed up and put together a live Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert, which raised $23 million towards helping those devastated by the storm. In like mind, we've put together a Hurricane Sandy Relief Round-Up, to give you information on where you can donate supplies, money, or just good cheer to help those who were affected by Sandy.

General Information About Relief



Animals and Pets

  • The Humane Society is busy rescuing the pets and animals stranded by Hurricane Sandy. Their website has more information on how to help.
  • The American Human Association is also leading efforts to help our furry friends in need.
  • Also, check with your local animal shelters to see what you can do. NY and NJ area shelters like Animal Haven were hit hard by the storm, and need help with supplies, goods, and volunteers for clean up. They also have overflow with the amount of animals coming in due to the storm.

Donations: Goods, Supplies, Et. Al.

For further relief connections, you can also tweet @SandyVolunteer, or follow their page for more information.

We're sending giant e-hugs to all the Sparklers affected by Sandy, and we're so thankful for all of the volunteers who are helping NYC get back on its feet after the storm!

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