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The Worst Acting of All Time

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The Worst Acting of All Time

It's no secret that acting can make or break a movie, but there are indeed rare moments where performances are so mind-blowingly bad that they don't just break the movie, they shatter it into a billion pieces. These are those moments. Enjoy!

"Oh God, oh man" from Tough Guys Don't Dance

Ryan O'Neil is not a horrible actor. Seriously! Between the Stanley Kubrick directed Barry Lyndon and the 70's art house classic, Paper Moon, the guy has some serious cred. Which makes his performance in Norman Mailer's Tough Guys Don't Dance all the more of an egregious affront to the very concept of acceptable acting. All we have to say about this clip is "Oh God, oh man!"

Montage from Birdemic: Shock and Horror

Birdemic is an updated take on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds... if The Birds were filmed by a crew of A.D.D. addled monkeys with a cast that was actively trying to give the worst performances ever. No one scene can quite do it justice, so we offer to you a tasty buffet of its cringe inducing scenes:

"Get out! Don't touch me! I don't want to know!" from ????

To tell you the truth, we have no idea what movie this scene is from, but that's probably for the best. It showcases the most uncreative improv between two actors on film EVER. At least we assume it's improv, because the idea of anyone writing these same lines over and over in a script is pretty insane.

Ah-nold Freaks Out from The Streets Of San Francisco

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger rose to fame as Conan and the Terminator, he was basically a struggling muscle-head playing bit parts on shows like The Streets of San Francisco. Although he never quite matured into anything close to an accomplished thespian, Arnold over time was able to get down the acting thing at least to the point where he seemed half-way competent. This clip however was before then… WAY before then.

What's your favorite terrible acting moment?

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