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The Top 50 Disney Animated Movies (Part Four)

The Top 50 Disney Animated Movies (Part Four)

We’re in the top twenty now! Has your favorite Disney animated movie made the list yet? Check out Part Three, Part Two, and Part One.

19. Pocahontas
But seriously, have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? OMG! You have to. It sounds so cool. Blue corn moon cries are great! This movie’s not bad either. (What does corn moon taste like? And can I have it for Thanksgiving? And can I bring a friend to Thanksgiving? WHY NOT?!)

18. The Princess and the Frog
After a few years of cashing in on the Pixar movies, Disney returned to the princess formula in this hand-drawn treat. Let’s hope this isn’t Disney’s last 2-D fairy tale. And let's hope the next is called The Princess and the Phantom Pterodactyl.

17. The Sword in the Stone
Before there was Dumbledore, Obi-Wan, or Gandalf, there was Merlin. This story of King Arthur’s early days and his friendship with Merlin is well worth a rental if you haven’t seen it yet.

16. Hercules

Instead of telling an over-dramatic tale of adventure and courage, Disney opted for humor with the story of Hercules vs. Hades. Was it the right move? Yes. Because Danny Devito is in it. The End.

15. Mulan
Did you know girls can be just as tough as guys? It was about time Disney turned a princess into a warrior.

14. Tangled
A more modern, funnier version of the classic Rapunzel story, Tangled showed audiences that even without the Pixar magicians, Disney could make kickass computer animated movies. To any guys out there: If you have to sit through a princess movie, this is perhaps the funniest and least pretentious.

13. Robin Hood
There are 17 million versions of Robin Hood, but this is the only one with an evil talking lion (though I have yet to see the Russell Crowe version). Not to brag, but I once met Prince John at Disney World. Shook his hand and everything!

12. Pinocchio
“When you wish upon a star...” It’s a simple, catchy tune that you can never forget. And it’s a much more poignant lyric than the original, “When you ask upon a giant flaming cosmic gas orb...”. The movie is a classic, with memorable characters, songs, and adventures. Of all the Disney fairies, the Blue Fairy seems the most powerful. Someone write a movie where all the fairies square off against each other in a Fight Club-like setting. (And to the Tinkerbell fans out there, I ask you: Can Tink turn wood into living flesh? Debate over.)

11. Bambi
It’s a sweet movie about a young deer whose parents live happily forever and ever! And at 7 minutes, it’s pretty short for a Disney movie and the ending seems abrupt. Oh well. It’s a happy, good time for all!

Check back tomorrow for the top ten! You can probably guess what’s left, but the order might surprise you. Spoiler: The Lion King isn’t number one.

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