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The Top 50 Disney Animated Movies (Part Three)

The Top 50 Disney Animated Movies (Part Three)

We’re nearing the halfway point on the countdown of best Disney animated movies. Once again, this list does NOT include the Pixar films, but only the official Disney animated movies. Check out Part One and Two, and get ready to fight!

29. Treasure Planet
Though it wasn’t successful during its initial release, it’s becoming more popular with age thanks to its steampunk aesthetic. It was just a few years ahead of it’s time.

28. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
It’s like Beauty and Beast, but less-so. Not bad, but not super great. It’s hard to expect great things from a book that’s over 6,000,000 pages. Maybe that's why Disney World has yet to install Hunchy's Awkward Roller Coaster, a roller coaster that only has one hill and when it's over, Beast and Lumière look at you and laugh.

27. One-Hundred and One Dalmatians

Who knew dog murder was so evil? One of the few Disney movies that (gasp!) features two living parents, One-Hundred and One Dalmatians is a fun movie with perhaps the best title of all the Disney cartoons. Though if you reverse the words, it sounds like a show on animal planet. Dalmatians 101.

26. The Fox and the Hound
A sticky-sweet story about friendship and growing up, The Fox and the Hound is a Disney movie aimed more at your grandpa than your kid sister. And there's nothing wrong with that.

25. Lady and the Tramp
Another dog movie? Maybe Disney should think about making flicks with other pets, like salamanders or tarantulas. Lady and the Tramp is famous for making spaghetti romantic, but it also reinforced my fear of Siamese Cats. Some might think this should be higher on the list, but remember: It's tough for a man to admit he likes the movie, let alone place it in the Top 25 without being giggled at. Sports and trucks!

24. The Jungle Book
Populate the jungle with jazz music and suddenly everything is better. While the main character, Mowgli, is boring, his friends and enemies make up for it.

23. Tarzan
It’s like The Jungle Book but with more action and prettier animation. If you take out all the awful Phil Collins songs, this would be much higher on the list.

22. Dumbo
Why is it low on the list? The creepy, trippy pink elephants scene is enough to traumatize a child for life. And for that, the movie cannot crack the top 20.

21. Winnie the Pooh
Last year’s Winnie the Pooh was a sweet reminder that hand-drawn animation can still be lovely and charming. Though I wish the movie answered the questions: Why aren’t there more women in the 100 Acre Woods? Assuming he’s heterosexual, who is Pooh supposed to marry?

20. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
The 1977 version of Pooh Bear (which is actually a collection of short Pooh cartoons) is slightly better because it was the first to bring the story of Pooh to life. If you think about Pooh, you’re probably thinking of him as he appeared in this movie. Now read this again and take the H off of Pooh. Ha-ha-ha!

Come back tomorrow, if you dare, and see where the other films rank on the this inarguable list.

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