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The Top 50 Disney Animated Movies (Part Two)

The Top 50 Disney Animated Movies (Part Two)

To celebrate Disney’s 52nd animated movie, Wreck it Ralph, I’m counting down the best of the best Disney classics all week. Here are my picks for the top Disney animated movies of all time. Click here to see Part One of the countdown.

39. The Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad
On the plus side, the headless horseman is scary. On the downside, the title makes it sound like Crane and Toad are buddies, when in fact they’re part of two separate stories.

38. Meet the Robinsons

A fun movie, but Meet the Robinsons fails to capture the true Disney Magic. Instead of a movie you’d see in theaters, it feels more like something you’d watch on ABC Family on Saturday afternoon. (BTW: It’s probably airing on ABC Family this Saturday afternoon.)

37. The Emperor’s New Groove
It’s great to see a Disney movie that’s not about a handsome, brave prince, but what the heck is this movie about? It seems like stuff just happens and people run around yelling. There are some funny scenes, but it’s too scattered. And it needed a funny genie. And a Caribbean crab.

36. Fantasia 2000
Beautiful! Colorful! A delight for the senses! Also: Boring! Unnecessary! A movie no 6-year-old can sit through. The sequel to Fantasia had the best of intentions, but never quite nailed the scope and awe of the original.

35. Chicken Little

A computer animated movie from Disney that isn’t made by Pixar? Yep, Chicken Little was Disney's first attempt to separate themselves from the mighty Pixar. It didn’t exactly work, though the titular character is adorable as can be.

34. Bolt
You can’t go wrong with a cute, adventurous animated dog, even if the movie harnesses the voice talent of Miley “Disney Owns Me” Cyrus.

33. The Rescuers
While Mickey Mouse was busy playing with Pluto, these mice were off saving the life of a young girl. Too bad it didn’t feature a giant eagle....

32. The Rescuers Down Under
Yep. The sequel is better. There’s a giant eagle in, so it has to win. The story is more exciting, the action more intense, and the eagle is huge!!! If you see only one Rescuers movie in your life, go for the Aussie story.

31. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
I give it a few points for trying to be a sci-fi action movie, but take away a few points for not adding The Little Mermaid in the background. That would have been fun. And it needed more robots. And jetpacks. And monsters. And chases on ski slopes. And a dungeon. And Luna Lovegood. know what? This movie really sucks.

30. The Black Cauldron

This movie takes a lot of criticism from people who were expecting Snow White meets Lord of the Rings, but while the movie isn’t exactly a Disney classic, it’s entertaining enough to warrant a rental. It's also the only movie version that fans of the novel can enjoy. (For now.) Fun Fact: This was the first Disney animated movie to get the sleazy, filthy PG rating.

The countdown continues tomorrow, where you might find a few dogs and a bear.

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