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Check Out This Tech-Savvy Bad Weather Gear

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Check Out This Tech-Savvy Bad Weather Gear

Aw, hail, no, Masterminds! As the late, great Ned Stark once said: “Winter is coming.”  And with it, all kinds of crazy, unpredictable weather. Like, say, a rogue hurricane hitting New York City and the surrounding tri-state area. So, we thought we’d highlight some snazzy hi-tech fall/winter clothing that’ll keep you warm, dry, and might make you the envy of millions (see: Lightsaber umbrella below!)

Scottevest Jackets

This company has various unisex jackets/vests that have solar power patches on the back so you can charge your phones/ipods! But their coolest looking, most gnarly winter jackets are the ones that have up to 26 pockets! Their Transformer jacket, for example, has 20 pockets, some of them clear touch for easy access to gadgets—there’s even a pocket big enough for an iPod! You can also rip the sleeves off and make it a vest courtesy of tiny hidden magnets sewed into the lining!

Musical Headwear

For the guys, there’s a sweet beanie that comes with removeable headphones by Hotheadz. For the girls, these earmuffs are pricey, but they’re a polka dotty awesome way to keep your ears warm while cranking your favorite tunes this winter.

Jedi Umbrella

Stay dry and perpetuate the ways of the force with this LED lightsaber umbrella. Available in several colors (including traditional red, blue, and green), this umbrella will also help you see better on spooky, dark, rainy nights. All it takes to function properly is three AAA batteries.

Mix Master Gloves/ Agloves

With these gloves by Burton, you can control your mp3 player wirelessly. A few small buttons on the top portion of one glove allow you to switch songs, adjust volume, and, most importantly, stay warm. They’re only for men, but we also found the lady-friendly unisex Agloves, which are simple, great looking, and are a 10-finger touch glove, making them perfect for those who cannot put their gadgets down, not even in subzero temps.

The ColdAvenger

This cold air contraption looks like a cross between something Tom Hardy’s Bane and Greedo from Star Wars would wear if they went skiing. But it’s way cool. It mixes the cold air you breathe in with the warmer air you exhale in its ventilator, and is said to keep your face 40 degrees warmer than outdoor temperatures. If you’re a ski-buff or an outdoorsy type in the winter, this mask would keep you much warmer!

What other cold weather essentials did we miss?

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