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The 50 Best Disney Animated Movies of All Time

The 50 Best Disney Animated Movies of All Time

Wreck It Ralph is Disney's 52nd animated movie. But where will Ralph stack up against the the 51 other Disney animated classics?

Throughout the week, I’ll count down the very best Disney animated movies, from the worst to the best. Disagree with my picks? Think I’m 100% right? Let me know! Before you get flustered, this doesn’t include the Pixar films, which are a separate studio and will get their own countdown list. And to the math fans out there: Yes, there are 51 Disney movies, but thanks to a tie (you'll see it below) the number evens out to top 50.


50. The Aristocats

One film has to be the worst, and The Aristocats gets the dishonor. It’s not a flat-out terrible movie, but even if you watched it a dozen times in a row, you still won’t be able to remember anything about it. It’s as forgettable as...that thing. If The Aristocats is your #1 favorite, then I'm sorry and I feel bad for you because you’ve obviously never seen these other 50 Disney movies.

49. (TIE) The Three Caballeros and Saludos Amigos
While it’s great to see Donald Duck in (kind of) his own movie, The Three Caballeros feels more like a movie you have to watch in social studies, as does Saludos Amigos. Perhaps that educational tinge comes from the fact that Disney made the movies as part of a goodwill gesture to South America.

48. The Great Mouse Detective
I’ll give it points for being the first movie to use animation and computer generated graphics (the clock tower gears are CG), but the entire movie feels limp and joyless. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and The Great Mouse Detective was one of the last films before Disney began pumping out classics like The Little Mermaid.

47. Oliver and Company

How many songs from this movie can you sing? (Hint: “Be Our Guest” is not from this movie.)

46. Sleeping Beauty
Maleficent is one of the best Disney villains of all time. Too bad she’s crammed into a tedious fairy tale that looks and sounds like a poor man’s version of Cinderella.

45. Brother Bear
Remember Brother Bear? Of course you don’t. You were too busy fondly remembering the good Disney flicks.

44. Make Mine Music
This movie was a bunch of different segments stuck together. During the second world war, most of the Disney staff was drafted or ordered to make propaganda cartoons, so to keep the studio going, movies like Make Mine Music were made from idea scraps and short cartoons. The result: Something to watch when you’re doing chores and trying to sleep.

43. Dinosaur
How do you ruin a beautiful computer generated movie about dinosaurs? Give the dinosaurs human voices. If we wanted talking dinos, we’d watch The Land Before Time or Jurassic Park 4: Now They Talk.

42. Home on the Range
This cow/bull movie had the tagline, “Bust a Moo.” For that very reason, it shall be deemed unwatchable.

41. Melody Time
Another movie made of different segments, this isn’t as impressive or pretty as Fantasia. Chances are, if I hadn’t mentioned it, you wouldn’t know it existed.

40. Fun and Fancy Free
Yep, this is also a movie made of cartoon segments, but it’s the best of the bunch thanks to the inclusion of Mickey and the Beanstalk.

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