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The Jennifer Lawrence Doppelganger Has Been Announced

The Jennifer Lawrence Doppelganger Has Been Announced

You can all stop hyperventilating; nobody's replacing Jennifer Lawrence. BUT. There is a new Katniss in the district...or at least someone like her. Meet Maiara Walsh, the actress who will be playing Kantmiss Evershot in the upcoming Hunger Games parody, The Starving Games.

The spoof movie, which will mock not only the Hunger Games, but also the Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter (Le gasp! Mock Harry? Never!), begins shooting next week. And is anyone else a little bit taken aback by how much Maiara looks like Jennifer Lawrence? In fact, we're actually kinda freaked out by how similar they look. Compare:

But regardless of how they could be twins, we're more worried about Maiara's acting abilities. Does she have what it takes to pull off a J-Law impression? More importantly, how are her bow-and-arrow skills? We're not sure, but we can't wait to find out!

Will YOU be watching the Hunger Games spoof?

[Via Crushable]

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