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15 Bad Titles for College Application Essays

15 Bad Titles for College Application Essays

We conducted a completely, genuinely not real poll and found that 98% of students find the essay portion of a college application to be the most daunting. While that essay is meant to stand out and show enrollment offices why you belong on that campus, it can be long night of writing and re-writing. Of course, once you've nailed it you must think of a title. Your essay needs a title that will pique curiosity and inform the reader that this is no ordinary application. It needs to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. It needs to represent you and your work. Having said that, we advise you to never, ever, ever, EVER use the following titles:

You Can't Follow Success on Twitter

I Am Totes Psyched For College

Hannah Montana: The Untold Story

Really, Really Intellajint

Is Baby Corn Real or Do They Shrink Regular Corn?

Santa Claus: Real American Hero

Finding a Cure for a Case of the Mondays

My Life in a GAP Dressing Room

Smell This: The Battle to Finish the Milk Before it Spoils

Bleep Blip Blop, I'm a Silly Robot

Essay Thingamabob with Words 'n Stuff

My Dad Was On MTV Once

The Key to Success as Written from the Point of View of IKEA Instructions

The Cow Goes "Moo"…Or Does It?

The 100% True Story of How I Learned All the Words to the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" Theme Song

Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2

Got any other horrible admissions titles? Add them in the comments!

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