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The Best Fan Fiction Sites Ever!

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The Best Fan Fiction Sites Ever!

Sometimes, shows get canceled and book series end. This makes us sad. But with fan fiction, a whole community of likeminded people can get together to write and shore stories in our favorite universes, keeping the dream going! Want to know what happened to Hermione and Harry down the road? Ever wonder what it would be like if Doctor Who stumbled into the next Twilight movie? Then check out our list of the best fanfiction sites for scifi and fantasy lovers!


This is the mother ship of all fanfiction sites. It has been around since 1998 (the year the original Pokemon Red and Blue for Gameboy Color hit North America!) which makes it a wise, veteran warrior of the industry. It has a HUGE selection of fandoms, including Star Wars, Doctor Who, Glee, and Vampire Diaries! The site has a thriving community of readers, writers, and reviewers, guaranteeing that your thirst for good fanfic will never be quenched.

The one catch to this site is that is has an "anything-goes" acceptance policy—which some complain lets in all kinds of sub-par writers. On the other hand, this also makes it a good site to start out if you're interested in writing!


While not yet as large as, Archive of Our Own is another good place to get going. It too has a broad base of fandoms, including not just TV and movies but plays, historical character fanfic, and comic books! The interface is also extremely clean—it looks nicer than , which still has hallmarks of that old school the-internet-was-just-invented look.

Our favorite fanfic setting from this site? A mythical bar where Dr. Watson and Pepper Potts can get together and commiserate about their mad geniuses!


If you love Harry Potter, this is the site for you. It filters out all the stuff you're not interested in reading to get you straight to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Founded in 2001, this site is BIG—it has over 78,000 stories and gets over 50 million hits per month!

It also has a good sorting feature, which lets you get right to the top-rated stories and authors if that's what you're interested in.

If you're more interested in writing, they have put together a handy Getting Started guide here.


Now this last selection is a little different, but still definitely worth your time if you like a good story! FictionPress is dedicated to young and aspiring writers of all kinds, including those who want to create their OWN universes and characters! It also has a dedicated wing for young poets.

And the kind of writers they love best?! You know it—SCI FI AND FANTASY!!!

This is probably the best option to go with if you want to make stories of your own someday. There seems to be less inappropriate content than other fanfic sites, and there are many dedicated communities of authors who help edit and encourage each others' work.

There's even a group JUST for "Space Opera."

What's your favorite place to find great fanfic?

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