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Faye's Study Guide for... Studying

Faye's Study Guide for... Studying

Should Faye End Her Relationship with Ash?” Goodness, when I saw that title I screamed "no" too! I guess I scared a few people (myself included) with the ponderings of my mind, but rest assured that I have no immediate plans to break up with my boyfriend.

Speaking of which, do you want to guess where Ash was this weekend? Why, at a Pokemon competition, of course. I’m dating a huge nerd…

And I think everyone knows what girlfriends do when their boyfriends are out of town, am I right? Oh yeah: study like an animal. But seriously, I have 3 exams this week, so I thought I’d share  my super-fun awesome study tips for studying with you.

Faye’s Study Guide for Studying...

  • You don’t need to study for everything equally. As a silly little freshman, I thought that I needed to spend the same amount of study time on every subject. But if you feel pretty confident about chemistry and are freaking out over physics, then spend more time studying physics, you silly freshman, you.
  • But that doesn’t mean you should blow off studying for something completely. Even if you know your chemistry book by heart, you should still look over your notes; you might find something you overlooked. There’s such a thing as being overconfident and then under-performing on an exam.
  • Words from your professor’s mouth are like study manna from exam heaven. Your professor writes the exam. So anything your professor says regarding the exam is crucially important. If your professor says, “You might want to look over the derivation in chapter 3,” then KNOW the derivation in chapter 3, because I’m betting that’s on the exam.
  • Practice exams are golden. If your professor posts practice exams (or even better, previous year’s exams), it is in your best interest to do them. It’s the best way to get used to your professor’s testing style, and sometimes, they re-use questions!
  • Different subjects require you to study for things differently. If it’s a math class, you’ll want to spend your time actually doing problems, while something more fact-based might call for note cards or a study sheet.
  • Don’t freak out. It’s easy to say, hard to do. I still shake in my seat every time a professor is handing out an exam. Just take a deep breath and realize it’s much better to stay calm and focused than flip the flip out.

My non-patented study technique will hopefully maybe help you (no guarantee) get the awesome grades you crave. And these secrets can be yours for the ultra low price of 5-10 study hours per subject. So here's what I use to study:

  • Make a study guide. If your professor provides you with one, that’s even better. Most of the time, they’ll have broad topics and questions like, “What does this mean?” and “Be able to compare and contrast,” so fill it in. Go through your notes and look in the textbook, then type it up, print it out, and enjoy. If you’re not provided with a study guide, then you can make your own from scratch. Start with an outline of the topics you went over and go from thereinclude definitions, example problems, and anything else you might need to know for the exam.
  • Practice problems. Even if you KNOW how to do something, still TRY a few practice problems. Try completing a practice exam in the time limit (especially if you have trouble pacing yourself during tests). Redo homework problems and in-class problems. Then look in the textbook for similar problems. Don’t try to find the hardest textbook question and then freak out because you can’t do it. Try problems roughly at the same level you do in class and ones only slightly more difficult. Or you can make your own questions. Think like your professor!
  • Notecards. These are especially helpful for studying on the go. Got a few minutes? Whip out your notecards and start quizzing yourself!
  • Speaking of quizzes...Re-do those; sometimes professors pull exam problems right off quizzes. If your professor thinks it’s important, then you think it’s important.

Anyone else got really good study tips? Leave ‘em in the comments!

And, as a little teaser for next week, I wanted to let you all know that I will be going to not one, but TWO parties this weekend. PARTY GIRL! The one is a costume partyguess who I’m going to be! Here’s your hint: It’s a book character.

Until next week,


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