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Disney's First Hispanic Princess Is Just Another Princess

Disney's First Hispanic Princess Is Just Another Princess

Hey, Sparklers! Meet Sophia! She's the first Latina princess!

Or is she? She kind of looks like the other princesses to us. But that's not something Disney wants to focus on:

"We never actually call it out," said Joe D'Ambrosia, vice president of Disney Junior original programming. "When we go into schools [to talk to young students about the show], what I find fascinating is that every girl thinks that they're Sofia."

But whatever. Latina women come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be fair-skinned, blue-eyed, and light-haired, too. Anyway, Sophia is technically half-Enchancian and half-Galdizian, and she hails from a fictional kingdom. So we really have nothing to compare her to.

Disney princesses are known to stir controversy for looking the same, for not having girlfriends, for being racist, and for being naughty. But for the love of Nutella, let's not forget about the children.

Kids don't care about this stuff. Kids love princesses because they're cool and have fun stories. Princesses are addicted to books (like Belle), love to rebel (like Arielle), and go against the grain (like Mulan). Those are qualities we can look for in Disney princesses, if we try. And hopefully we will be able to find ourselves in Sophia, whether we are Latina or not. It will be interesting to see, as she makes her debut on the Disney Channel on Nobember 18 in the TV movie Sophia the First: Once Upon a Princess. (To follow: a TV series on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.)

Do you think this is a big step for Disney princesses, or not really?

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