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The Bully Report Results Are In

The Bully Report Results Are In

Back in April, we teamed up with our awesome pals at to help you take a stand against bullying—and today, they released the results of the Bully Report, a Facebook survey that was completed by over 50,000 teens. The data is fascinating; key points include that 97% of students reported an adverse experience with bullying, online/text bullying is by far the most pervasive form of bullying, and, perhaps most importantly, that intervention (by teens, parents, and teachers), is the best and most effective way to stop bullying. If you want to read the full report (and you really, really should), click right here—but for the SparkNotes version (ha, see what we did there?), check out the infographic below. Remember, you can change someone's life simply by standing up for them—and if you're being bullied, please know that everyone here on SparkLife is always here to listen and to help however we can.

What do you think of the Bully Report results? Has your school made any changes to help put an end to bullying?

Want to get involved in another cool campaign to end bullying? Check out the Bully Text project right here!

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