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21 Myths the MythBusters Have Yet to Crack

21 Myths the MythBusters Have Yet to Crack

The MythBusters are on tour and you can see them blow up stuff and answer questions about science and the show. MythBusters: Behind the Myths is currently racing across the country (Click here for show dates with more dates to be announced). The Discovery Channel show is one of the few science programs that refuses to be boring. Maybe all the explosions and danger help. Who doesn't love the MythBusters?

The only problem: With over 200 shows already filmed, the Busters may run out of myths to debunk. Soon they will have answered every question on the planet. We don’t want the show to end, so we offer up some new myths the team can tackle. When there’s nothing left to answer, bust these nuggets of pseudo-truth.

-Ghost are real, and everywhere.

-Orange jellybeans contain trace amounts of wood.

-Babies have the ability to see through walls, but lose this ability once the eyeballs age six months.

-Birthday wishes come true.

-Birthday wishes that you share with others will not come true.

-If you’re drowning or out of breath, and eat a bunch of angel food cake, you’ll be ok, because that’s mostly air.

-Xbox is better than PlayStation.

-Thinking about naked people increases the risk of acne.

-Burnt yogurt cures acne.

-You’re going to make it big in Hollywood!

-A throwing star, properly aimed, can kill three owls perched in single file.

-Planet of the Apes can happen.

-Rollerblades make one look hot and powerful! Always!

-Astronauts are stronger than you think.

-Paper beats rock.

-Applesauce doesn’t belong in a salad bar.

-If you hiccup in a zero-gravity environment, your throat turns inside out.

-Frosting counts as breakfast.

-If everyone in the world started humming at the same time, the sound vibrations would tear the planet apart.

-Dynamite is the best way to deal with a hippo.

-Old MacDonald had a farm, but he only grew corn. There were no animals. The facts were changed after parents complained that the lyric, “And on this farm he had some corn,” was a lackluster ending to the, very brief, song.

If you could ask the MythBusters one question, what would it be?

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