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The Middle Name Game

The Middle Name Game

Middle names are so weird. Like, WHY ARE THEY? Do you like yours? Do you have a cool one? Do you want to know MINE?

Let's play The Match the Sparkitor (and Intern) to His/Her Middle Name Game!

Sparkitors + Intern:

1. Emma Chastain

2. Emily Winter

3. Chelsea Aaron

4. Josh Perilo

5. Dan Bergstein

6. Jenny Grudziecki

Middle Names:

1. Marleen

2. Patricia

3. David

4. Adam

5. Brooks

6. McKenna

Which person belongs to which name? AND WHAT'S YOUR MIDDLE NAME?! We want to read them in the comments!!!!

Answer key: 1. Emma Brooks Chastain 2. Emily McKenna Winter 3. Chelsea Patricia Aaron 4. Josh David Perilo 5. Dan Adam Bergstein 6. Jenny Marleen Grudziecki

Topics: Life
Tags: names, sparklers, games, sparkitors, middle names

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