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Next Week is Secrets Week!

Next Week is Secrets Week!

EXCITING NEWS, SPARKLEBUTTS (even more exciting than the news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's attorney has finally lifted the restraining order against me, due in large part to the fact that I kidnapped him and forced him to listen to me sing this song over and over until he relented):

October 15-19 is SECRETS WEEK on SparkLife!

This means that not only is it entirely acceptable for me to perform dramatic re-enactments of this music video all day, every day (these re-enactments will mostly involve me furrowing my brow and wearing an artistically rumpled vest), but ALSO that we want YOU to send us all your secrets!

I realize that that sentence may have seemed vaguely terrifying, but hear me out: we don't want you to write a post entitled "Hello, My Full Legal Name is PJ Dwayne Walterhouse and My Deepest, Darkest Secret is That One Time, I Accidentally Burped Too Hard and a Bean Came Out My Nose,"—no,  for god's sake, don't do that (unless you want to, of course!). What we want is for you to anonymously submit your secrets to us so that we can make a giant, awesome, therapeutic slideshow of them (similar to the what PostSecret does, but with some extra SparkLife glitter throw in).

Your secret can be ANYTHING—a crush, a goal, a dream, a memory, a past experience, something you really need to get off your chest, a fear, an obsession—ANYTHING. If you're crafty and design-y and love to draw, you can illustrate your secret and send it to us as a jpeg, or you can just type it out and we'll make it into a slide for you! Remember, you don't need to include your name—the whole point of this project is to give you a chance to say whatever you want to say, safely and anonymously!

Here's an example:


Get the idea? Got any questions? Post 'em in the comments for me! Then send your secrets right here and keep an eye out for our slideshow next week!

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