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What To Do If College Isn't What You Expected (And Is Actually Sort of Awful)

What To Do If College Isn't What You Expected (And Is Actually Sort of Awful)

You've made it through the SATs, the AP tests, and the admissions interviews (UGH), and you've finally reached the end goal: COLLEGE. So savor the gorgeous green quad, the classy sweaters, your cute dorm room, and your endearingly strange roomie, who may or may not talk to her pillow when she thinks you're asleep. Within four years, you'll have a degree in a major you probably won't use again, and a minor in something you definitely won't. (English with Communications? Yep. That was me).

What happens, though, if your quad is not green, but a barren wasteland of asphalt? If those classy sweaters itch because they're made of wool that's so scratchy, it feels like shorn sheep are taking their revenge? What if you dorm room is ugly, roach-infested, and cold, and your roommate bears an eerie resemblance to Jim "Crazy-Face" Moriarty from BBC's Sherlock?

Well, you'll have a great true-life story to pitch to Lifetime, but you'll also need these tips on how to survive when college actually sucks:

Watch the full box-set of Felicity. This show helped me to get through my first semester of college. College is like being an adult! Everyone is new! They're in NYC! Plus, you can re-live the horror of Felicity's haircut in Season 2 and automatically feel better about yourself. Hey, if Keri Russell's career can bounce back from that, a person can come back from anything.

Take over a lab in the Science Department with friends and roast marshmallows over Bunsen burners. Yes, this was a scene from the graduation montage of Never Been Kissed. Yes, that movie is about high school. And YES, the awesomeness of making tasty treats via science equipment is a fun that never fades, no matter what the education level.

Find the library ghost and talk to him/her You know there is one. There's one on every campus. Perhaps it's a cheeky poltergeist, like Peeves. Perhaps it is adorable, frightening, and looking for justice, like Poison Girl Ghost in The Sixth Sense. Perhaps it's a really, really, really hot musician who died under mysterious circumstances after playing a coffee house gig on campus. No matter the ghost, a) it's great to have a supernatural bud (heeelllooo, awesome pranks) and b) they're dead and you're not. You automatically feel like a winner.

Transfer. Sometimes, it's the campus and the people. Some people are Yalies. Some are MITers. Some are experimental college students of life in the fields of Pennsylvania. You don't know till you find the right fit.

Drop out and invent something awesome like Bill Gates. And sometimes, it's not the campus and the people—it's just school. If you're independent and full of ideas, then go for your dreams! Build that Etsy vintage cameo line! Create that must-have iPhone App! Be a cool tech start-up and wear jeans to work and have a ping pong table as a desk! (Just don't tell your parents I told you to do it.)

Get a Hippogriff and ride him around campus. All will bow down.

Got any advice for when college doesn't quite live up to your expectations?

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