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Literary Classics That Should Be TV Shows (Inspired by BBC's Sexy Sherlock Series)

Literary Classics That Should Be TV Shows (Inspired by BBC's Sexy Sherlock Series)


Who knew that Sherlock Holmes, ice-cold super sleuth from the 1800s, would translate so perfectly into a modern-day social networking sociopath? (Doesn't hurt that he's played by creepy-sexy Benedict Cumberbatch.) Unlike most retch-inducing reboots, Sherlock makes us want to see other great characters updated for the small screen. Here are our big ideas for the next ripped-from-the-classics TV shows:

Great Expectations' Miss Havisham in Cougar Mansion. Miss Havisham is out of the ancient, mouldering bridal chamber...and into the spotlight! After wasting years of her life mourning her rat of an ex-fiance, she's making up for lost time. Trouble is, her taste in (young) men still hasn't changed. Yep, Havisham's a cougar! The series kicks off with her scheme to trick old buddy Pip into taking her to Long John Silver's, as more than just friends.

Lord of the Flies' Ralph and Jack are going Back to the Island. Ralph and Jack, now grown up with kids of their own, end up on the same plane to New York. When they crash, they must band together to build a palm-frond cabin and coconut radio, all while avoiding the call of the wild pig god they summoned/invented on their last trip into man's heart of darkness. The show will take an unexpected, season-two turn into buddy comedy territory.

Pride and Prejudice's Bennet sisters are The Real Housewives of Hertfordshire. Good girl Jane, smart girl Elizabeth, and bad girl Lydia gossip, backstab, and shop for ribbon on this no-holds-barred reality show, which will answer all your most burning questions about what life is really like behind the walls of Pemberley, Netherfield, and whatever crappy coaching inn Lydia's been dumped in this time. Save room for scandal!

Wuthering Heights' Heathcliff is Inspector Vengeance, a powerful vigilante cop with a dark secret—his semi-incestuous longing for his foster sister, Cathy, now the dissatisfied housewife of a high-profile CEO. Instead of marrying his rival's sister and driving her mad, Heathcliff will uncover the CEO's vile corporate misdeeds, while committing frequent acts of violent justice. He'll also periodically break into Cathy's house to smell her hair products and check her Internet history.

Moby-Dick's Ishmael in How I Met My White Whale. Now the hard-bitten proprietor of tiny east coast bar Queequeg, Ishmael spends his days telling his regulars big-fish stories about his days as a sailor, all leading up to the big white-whale reveal. Like Cheers, but with more fish guts.

We would totally watch ALL of these (except the Moby-Dick reboot, because whales terrify us). What literary classic do you want to see on the big screen?

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