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MORE Historical Proof that Guys Have Always Been Jerks

MORE Historical Proof that Guys Have Always Been Jerks

Last week, we gave you guys some proof that guys being jerks is not a new thing; it's as old as dirt. But it seems that the proof we gave wasn't quite enough for some of you.

So to prove more definitively that the Jerk Gene is not a recent mutation in guykind's DNA, here are more prime examples of douchebaggery from the generations before us, some of which were suggested by your very selves:

Henry VIII (suggested by MissSerendipity)

This guy's jerkerific actions toward at least four of his wives is what basically earned him a spot on the forefront of history. He divorced two and executed two, one died in childbirth, and the sixth lived but probably still didn't like him.

Heathcliff (suggested by FantasyBookLover)

Of course, Heathcliff! How could we forget our dear sociopathic gypsy boy? Forgetting that he swindles Hindley out of his fortune and then kills him, forgetting that he raised Hindley's son in an abusive fashion on his own, forgetting that he married a woman he didn't even love and abused her as revenge against her brother, he takes the lid off his true love's grave and stares at her dead body. Okay, well, honestly, corpse-voyeurism isn't the worst thing he did in Wuthering Heights, but it was definitely the most depraved.

Bill Sykes

This burglar from Dickens' Oliver Twist killed his girlfriend because she got in the way of business. 'Nuff said.

Jack Torrance

Not only is The Shining's cabin-fever-crazy father the most frightening jerk on this list, he's also the only one whose jerkiness wasn't entirely his fault. Being possessed by a demon who can play on your weaknesses could turn almost anyone into a real big jerk.

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