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5 Celeb-Inspired Halloween Costumes

It's happened too many times to count:

You walk into a Halloween party, confident that your costume is utterly unique and totally fabulous, and then you see Justin Bieber breakin' it down over by the candy corn fountain, wearing the exact same thing as you. "DAMMIT," you grumble, sweeping your perfectly shellacked hair off your poreless forehead, "I knew I shouldn't have worn my oversized white tuxedo and coordinating orthopedic sneakers! Now people will think we've dressed to match on purpose! CURSE YOU, BIEBER! A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!" 

Well, never again. Never again will your costume attemtps be foiled by some dumb celebrity dressed up as themselves—because with the help of this slideshow, you'll ALWAYS look more like the celebrity than the celebrity looks, except better. (Take a moment to let the brilliance of that sentence infect your brain like an intelligence-murdering virus.) Click through for a masterful guide to creating the perfect celebrity costume, and remember—$50,000 is NOT to much too spend on a meat dress that you'll only wear once. 

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