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5 Halloween Costumes You Will Freeze In

5 Halloween Costumes You Will Freeze In

Halloween is at the end of October. That's practically November, people. The autumn chill is in the air. We don't want you to freeze to death because of your amazing costume, so avoid these ideas and bundle up. The last thing you want is to spend next Halloween as a hypothermia patient.

Bikini Zombie: The zombie craze just doesn't seem to die down! (Pun intended.) Do yourself a favor, though, and dress up as an Eskimo Zombie. It may be a fun idea to don that swimwear and head out as the walking dead, but eventually the chill will catch up to your body.

Naked Joker: We love the Joker. He's our favorite Batman villain, but that makeup won’t keep you warm no matter how much you use. Quite frankly, we're not so sure we wanna know how much you've used and where you've put it, either. Alternative—Snuggie Joker.

Alien Lifeguard: We've landed a remote-controlled car on Mars! We're wondering if there are other life forms out there. Surely, if there are, they'll need lifeguards at the pools. Well, do yourself a favor and skip the alien beach getup. Summer is gone and we don't wanna see those alien lips of yours trembling all the way to your doctor on November 1st. Alternative—Alien in a pile of snow (cotton balls).

Hulk Hogan from the 1980s: The Hulkster is an all-American classic icon. He took the wrestling world by storm in the '80s and eventually found his place in pop culture history. However, those yellow briefs coupled with that torn Hulkamania shirt might not be the best way to keep warm this Halloween. There is no doubt you'll be the hit of the party once you launch into full-on Hulk mode, but we think it's best to pass on this one. Alternative—human pillow.

David Blaine Trapped In Ice: We still don't know if we should call David Blaine an illusionist or just plain insane. We do remember his stunt from 2008 where he remained suspended in ice for 63 hours in Times Square, NYC. Fun to watch? Well, not so much. As a Halloween costume? We do not recommend. Y'know, 'cuz surrounding yourself in ice is never a great idea to begin with. Alternative—David Blaine trapped in bed.

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