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Ghosts vs. Unicorns

Ghosts vs. Unicorns

We're reading The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. This is our 7th installment of the book club. Join our discussion in the comments!

J.K. poignantly told the New Yorker that "You don’t have sex near unicorns. It’s an ironclad rule. It’s tacky."

But it turns out having sex near ghosts is peachy as tea and crumpets!

At the end of Part Two of CasVac the first vividly-described snog-fest of the book occurs between angsty snarkster Fats Wall and sweary urchin Krystal Weedon—in a cemetery, after getting high, basically four inches from the like-literally-just-buried remains of Barry Fairbrother. This scene could only get more awkward if a mourning unicorn accidentally stumbled upon them in the middle of the act, then had to go home and explain to his unicorn children why they can't visit Grandma Sparklehoof's grave ever again. Tragic.

Anyway, the other interesting thing that happened in today's reading is that young and lusty Andrew Price sabotaged his father Simon's attempts to stand for Parish Council by "hacking" into the Council "forum" and "posting" some "unflattering facts" about Simon's "problem with stealing computers and money and joy" from people. Andrew signed the post as The Ghost of Barry Fairbrother, which is pretty funny because the actual Ghost of Barry Fairbrother is probably tweeting across town at that exact moment:

"kids shagging on the grave again, #SMH. Cant wait to tell Dumbledore, mabes he can hook a spirit up w/ butt fungus curse or somethin JK LOL"

Anyway, Andrew shoulda thought this through a little more, because he still has to live with his dad's psycho rage, whether or not he figured out who actually ratted him out online.

Many of y'all seem to agree that Krystal is the best POV character, and I'm right there with you. Gotta say though: so far she's been pretty passive. Lot's of stuff happens TO Krystal, and she responds like a boss, but so far in the narrative Krystal hasn't really initiated any conflict or action. Kind of like a tattooed hood rat Buddha in that way, innit? Anyway, I hope to see her take some action p soon. Everyone in her life is p terrible.

Do you wanna see Krystal go around systematically punching everyone in town right in the mouth?
What else is on The Ghost of Barry Fairbrother's Twitter feed?
How do you tell a unicorn about the birds and the bees?

Thanks for playing along in the comments this weekend, bibliophiles! To answer your question, wallflower19, fried boys taste a lot like fried chicken, but are way harder to pluck. Let's gab about Part Three (up to p.328) tomorrow.

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