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How to Date Your BFF

 How to Date Your BFF

There are lots of perks to dating your best friend. You’re already comfortable with each other, have an awareness of each other’s idiosyncrasies, and probably never run out of things to talk about. Adding a little kissing and hand holding to the mix could only make the relationship more fun. However, moving from being friends to being a couple is difficult. It’s easy to get anxious about revealing your feelings and getting physical, but the transition from being just friends to more than friends will be fairly easy if you follow our steps:

#1: Express your feelings: This is simultaneously super easy and ridiculously difficult. Relax and recognize that this is your friend and you basically tell him/her everything anyway. Ideally your bestie will reciprocate your feelings and you’ll begin furiously making out.

#2: Take your bromance to a romance: After you've made the transition from platonic to romantic, add some tender touches here and there. Everyone, yourself included, is used to seeing and experiencing your relationship with your friend as friendly. It’s confusing if you both say you’re dating each other but still act like you’re just friends. Making an effort to engage in flirty banter and more than friendly interaction will help you get used to the idea that you'er dating each other. Treat yourselves like you’re a couple and you’ll actually become one.

#3: Pace yourself: Changing a relationship is a process. Being friends before you date makes the process of building a relationship easy, because a rock solid foundation is already there. As friends, you’ve built trust, good communication, and easiness around each other. However, adding the elements of a romantic relationship is stressful. Going out on dates, getting physical, and showing the world you’re a couple is overwhelming. Make sure to take it easy when building up the lovey-dovey elements.

#4: Keep learning about each other: You're still the same people with changing interests and desires. Keep your new SO up to date with songs you like, movies you want to see, and friends you’re making. You probably made the effort to figure out which artist your friend was obsessed with before dating him, so you should continue doing it after.

#5: Hang out with each other: If you played video games and had contests to see who could down fifty Cheetos faster when you were merely besties, you should still do that stuff after you’ve started dating. One of the perks of the relationship is that you can share all of the silly things you shared before.

#6: Maintain mystery: Depending on what kind of friendship you had, you may have told your BFF when you had a crush on someone else. Sometimes you can keep doing this in your romantic relationship, but most of the time, saying, "Dylan is so hot!" will create problems. You’re allowed to have as many crushes as you want when dating someone, but informing your SO of how cute the girl in your 8 am calculus class is, is actually a little rude.

Have you ever made the transition from BFFs to BF/GF (or GF/GF, BF/BF)? How did it go?

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