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How to Get Your Ex Back (The KStew Method)

How to Get Your Ex Back (The KStew Method)

With rumors swirling that RPatz and KStew are working to repair their relationship after her crazy public affair, we can’t help but wonder how Kristen roped him back in. Do you have an ex you’d like to win back after ripping out his heart and stomping on it? Here’s how Kristen Stewart pulled it off (and in time for the upcoming “Twilight” press tour!):

Issue an apology. When US Weekly published the article and pictures of Kristen frolicking about with that old married man, we didn’t expect her to come out and admit anything. Stars usually issue their standard “no comment” statements and then deny, deny, deny until the scandal goes away. But in this case, Kristen admitted everything right away (guess you couldn’t argue with those photos) and practically begged Rob to take her back. Since you don’t have a publicist to help you craft a strategic statement, you may want to stay away from pushing out a public statement on Facebook—but consider writing your ex an apology note explaining your feelings. Close it with, “I love you, NAME, I love you. I’m so sorry.”

Let everyone know you're miserable. After the story broke, Kristen didn’t hide the fact that she was miserable. She was photographed walking the streets looking like a hot, crying mess, and every day there was a new story saying how devastated she was. One even claimed she was seeking therapy, which is probably a good idea considering she cheated on such hottie (he seems nice, too). If you've messed up bigtime, do not try to hide the fact that you are absolutely miserable without your other half. In fact, it’s best for you to be seen with your makeup smeared and your spirit dead. Portraying the idea that you are “fine” will make your former flame all the more sure that you are an icy person who no longer feels any emotion.

Get photographed wearing his things. Since the scandal, Kristen has been seen wearing Rob’s hats and ugly tees. This is a nice, subtle way to let your love know he is still part of your heart, mind, and closet.

On the other hand, when Kristen was kissing that old slimebag, she was reportedly wearing a Rob hat, which is gross. If you are going to cheat on your boyfriend, please don’t wear his clothes while doing so.

Remind him of the good times. While we have no proof of this, we wonder if Kristen took Rob for a stroll down memory lane, highlighting their love story (we can't lie, we’ve clicked through plenty of slideshows online that essentially do the same thing). Perhaps she reminded him of their first kiss on camera, their first kiss behind the scenes, the first time they taped a love scene, the first time they did their own off-camera love scenes…wink wink. While mistakes can derail relationships, the good might still outweigh the bad. People generally want to move forward, and if you’re lucky, your ex will want to move forward with you…again.

Why do you think Rob and Kristen got back together? Do you think it will end up working out? Did you ever get back with someone after s/he hurt you? If so, how did it turn out? is it good to forgive, or should you just move on after someone cheats?

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