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6 Reasons Girls Go to the Bathroom in Groups

6 Reasons Girls Go to the Bathroom in Groups

Girls go to the bathroom in groups; this is a known fact of life. However, this concept seems to greatly confuse guys, who generally see bathroom trips as a solitary activity. Today the secret shall be revealed. Girls choose to take a friend on these perilous journeys for the following six reasons:

1. Girls go to the bathroom together: Yes,this is a legitimate reason. Girls go to the bathroom with their friends because girls go to the bathroom with their friends. If a girl decides to go alone, she has to walk through the room by herself while everybody looks at her curiously and thinks, “Wow, what a loner. Clearly she has no friends and also smells.”

2. To gossip: When out with a group of friends, there are some things that you just can’t do, like discuss Dave and Alex’s break-up in front of Max, or claim to have a crush on Brad in front of Brad. Or maybe you want to talk about Doctor Who, but Jane hasn’t seen the latest episode. So when the need to discuss a sensitive topic with your BFF Penny suddenly arises, the solution is to go to the bathroom and chat away from sensitive ears.

3. Safety in numbers: It’s a big scary world out there, and if the apocalypse suddenly strikes while a guy is in the bathroom, he’ll have to face the carnage, fire, and zombie hordes all alone. Girls know better.

4. To have someone to talk to: Seriously, there is always a line for the girl’s bathroom, and a girl’s got to have something to do. So girls bring a friend to chat with while they wait in line. Plus, if they get lost on the way back, they don’t have to navigate alonethis is a real and serious danger.

5. To get away from somebody: If a girl’s hanging out with her friend and her friend’s friends, and then her friend decide to go to the bathroom, the options are a) stand awkwardly around, avoiding eye contact and desperately thinking of something to say or b) go to the bathroom and avoid the friend's friends.

6.  To confuse males: Sometimes it’s just fun to watch guys smash the table in frustration and cry out, “Why do you travel in packs? It makes no sense!” Girls know that guys theorize about secret bathroom meetings and trap doors that send girls whooshing down into a secret laboratory where they don secret agent gear and fight alien crime, and hey, a lady’s got to have some intrigue.

Why do you think girls go to the bathroom in groups?

Post by WhiteEyedCat (she also drew this hilarious picture)!

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