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The Best Ways to Celebrate World Teachers' Day

The Best Ways to Celebrate World Teachers' Day

October 5 is World Teachers' Day! Yay! They may be an ever-loving pain in your tookis, but when you stop and think about it, teachers make the world go round. Not really—that's love and gravity—but they do a lot of work for an often thankless job and devastatingly inadequate pay. Why? Because they're droids sent here by Xenu to brainwash you into submission. NO! Because they believe that you—yeah, you, in the front with your hand raised SO HARD, and you in the back texting during class—are our future. Have you seen Waiting for Superman? No? Go watch it. And if that doesn't prove they love you, then this does.

Sure, on this World Teachers' Day, you could bring in an apple or a gift card to Applebee's. Or, you could celebrate in a way that really means something:

  1. Prove that you've been listening. This print on Etsy is a pretty clever way to show that all those grammar lessons are actually sinking in. You don't have to buy a gift. You can make your own. It's the thought that counts—and the results. Nothing makes a teacher feel more gratified than seeing his or her students succeed.
  2. Feed their bellies the way they've been feeding your minds. With your principal, other students, and parents, put together a luncheon where the whole faculty can actually sit down and enjoy a meal together. Students can act as servers. Maybe even give out funny awards or teacher superlatives.
  3. Take a stand. Find out what education issues your teachers are struggling with right now. Maybe they're facing budget cuts or fighting for smaller class sizes. Write a letter to your principal, school board, or  congressman/senator stating how and why you support your teacher on these issues.
  4. Say "thank you." All it takes sometimes is a heartfelt thank you. Write it in a note or just look your teacher in the eye and say "thank you" and why you are grateful. Best thing she's gotten all day, I promise.

What teacher would you like to celebrate on World Teachers' Day?

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