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New Music Exclusive: Viral Hearthrob Asher Monroe Performs for Us, Then Chats about Disney Tunes

New Music Exclusive: Viral Hearthrob Asher Monroe Performs for Us, Then Chats about Disney Tunes

Asher Monroe just has one of those voices. Parents and talent scouts recognized this in Asher since he was 7, when a rollicking cover of "Heigh Ho" landed him his first gig in the touring company of Disney's Beauty And The Beast musical. He played a teacup for two-and-a-half years (and nailed it). Now, Asher mostly just plays himself.

Asher has toured as a member of boy band V Factory, appeared on TV and in movies including the 2009 reboot of Fame, and most recently kickstarted his career as a solo singer/songwriter that landed him a spot on the cross-continent viral music marathon, DigiTour 2012. A week ago, he turned 24.

Offering a birthday present to the world, Asher and his mysterious bearded guitarist friend joined us in the secret SparkLife Basement Studio Of Extreme Glamour for an awesomely exclusive acoustic performance of his current hit single, "Here With You." 'Tween the narrow walls of our cryptic studio, Asher's holy-crap vocals rebounded and resounded around the room in a way that his official music videos can't quite convey. It was awesome. Watch it below, already.

When that's done, collect your jaws from the tabletop, pour a cool beverage and watch me chat with Asher about his start as a performer with the touring company of B&The B (where I first saw him as a wee one,  almost two decades ago!), his following tours with boy bands and YouTube sensations, and how he geekily approaches songs as a weird poem/puzzle hybrid.

Then, wish Asher a happy birthday in the comments, before it gets too awkward in here. Geez.

BTW—If you're a New York Sparkler, catch Asher LIVE in a FREE SHOW at WEBSTER HALL this Wednesday, October 3rd!

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