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Send Us Your College Application Essays to Critique!

Send Us Your College Application Essays to Critique!

Sharpen your Crayolas and putcho thinkin' bonnets on because it's COLLEGE CRAPPLICATION TIME, Y'ALL.

Remember last year, when you spent your weekend nights rollerskating around your crush's block in a pink pleather catsuit hoping he'd peer out his window and be impressed for some reason? (No? Just me?) WELL NO MORE. If you're a senior, t'is the season of long evenings spent crafting the perfect application essay by candlelight. And the worst bit is that you KNOW what you need to write: Something funny, but not flippant. Unique, but not insane. Structured, but not stiff. Thoughtful, but not sappy. Cute, but not just cute. Humble, but braggy, but not humble-braggy. In short, it's easier said than done.

Which is why we're going to help you.

Keep in mind we're not the CEO of Harvard Rocket Surgery over here. We're just a bunch of smarty pants college grads who were in your rollerskates not too long ago. We're not morally or mentally equipped to completely rewrite your essays—but we can give you tips on how to improve them. So when you've finished a solid draft of your application essay, you can send it (along with the prompt question), to Once received, one of our resident nerds will review your essay and publish it on SparkLife along with critiques. We can post your work anonymously or under your SparkLife username, whichever you prefer.

We're legit jazzed to read what ya got.

Questions? Leave 'em in the comments!

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