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Which Shakespeare Heroine Are You?

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Which Shakespeare Heroine Are You?

Wherefore art my Medieval Masterminds? Shakespeare's women are so awesome and diverse, we really couldn't resist making this quiz. While it's ostensibly for the ladies, everyone knows that Shakespeare was all about the gender-bending. So boys: feel free to see which Shakespearean siren you would be too!

1. The first adjective you would use to describe yourself is:

a) Witty. (1 point)

b) Romantic. (2 points)

c) Ambitious. (5 points)

d) Tomboyish. (4 points)

e) Supernatural. (3 points)

2. Your general opinion of men is that:

a) They are all bark and no bite. Unlike you. (5 points)

b) They can be loved, but not trusted. (3 points)

c) Their high self-regard is unearned and hilarious, but also occasionally charming. (1 point)

d) There is only one man for you; you have no opinion on the rest. (2 points)

e) You're kind of one of the guys, so it's hard to have perspective on this. (4 points)

3. Your best friend is going through a hard time. You:

a) Suggest outside-of-the-box solutions to her problems. (4 points)

b) Wonder how to use the situation to your advantage. (5 points)

c) None of your friends would ever go through hard times. They're all protected by your spells. (3 points)

d) Make sure she knows that you've got her back. You are fiercely loyal. (1 point)

e) Encourage her to follow her heart. (2 points)

4. Your goal in life is to:

a) Have fun. (1 point)

b) Rule wisely over others. (3 points)

c) Take the road less travelled. (4 points)

d) Win. (5 points)

e) Find your true love. (2 points)

5. Your favorite of the below quotes is:

a) "Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it." (5 points)

b) "I was born to speak all mirth and no matter." (1 point)

c) "O time, thou must untangle this; not I. It is to hard a knot for me to untie." (4 points)

d) "Parting is such sweet sorrow." (2 points)

e) "Hand in hand with fairy grace, will we sing and bless this place." (3 points)

To find out which Shakespearean heroine you are, add up your points and divide by 5. Round your number up or down. If you got:

1. You are Beatrice of Much Ado About Nothing. Congratulations: you are flat-out hilarious! Many are afraid to challenge you, given your carefully-worded verbal barbs. But that's fine by you, as you're only interested in people who can spar at your level anyway. Behind your humor is a very committed and loyal friend, reserved only for those who have made an effort to know you.

2. You are Juliet of Romeo and Juliet. You are a beautiful, smart, and an utterly hopeless romantic. You chase the rush of young love, which will take you to the greatest heights of human emotion, but also to its most crippling depths. If you survive your own passions, you will be able to look back at a life lived in the name of love: no small feat in an often cruel world.

3. You are Titania of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Girl, you're a faerie. You rule over a fantasy world endowed with magic spells, pixie servants, and bowered houses. As queen, you govern with grace and wisdom; that is, when you're not being tricked into falling in love with donkeys. We're all very jealous of your awesome supernatural kingdom.

4. You are Viola of Twelve Night. You are boyish, mischievous, and inventive. When life presents you with challenges, you don't hesitate to adapt to it in the most imaginative way possible. In fact, your main problem is adapting a little too much, to the point where you are a different person to everyone you meet. You tend to wait for these minor deceptions to work themselves out, and lucky for you, they usually do.

5. You are Lady MacBeth of Macbeth. You are strong, enterprising, and staggeringly ruthless. Though you are a seriously tough cookie, you still have a definite breaking point where your morals kick in. Your fatal flaw is that your hunger for power will always push you past it. Get used to that spot on your hand.

What Shakespeare heroine are you?

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