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Is Lady Gaga's Call for Underwear Pics a Good Idea?

Is Lady Gaga's Call for Underwear Pics a Good Idea?

Last week a bunch of Internet tabloids and news sites reposted some pics of Lady Gaga wearing her famous meat dress and looking kind of chubby in Amsterdam. "Looking meatier!" one really really really really really clever blog manhandled into a headline. "She's probs preggers," Kelly Osbourne inexplicably reported elsewhere. One tabloid even exerted the effort to get an "expert" opinion from "nutritionist Majid Ali, who has not treated the star," but nevertheless feels confidant saying Gaga's gained "at least 30 pounds."

Reliable testimony! I've never treated Mr. Majid Ali, but in my expert opinion, he's a schmuck! (Oh, happy Yom Kippur, btw, y'all.)

Anyway, several fan videos from the same performance have since showed us that this "Gags is fat/pregnant/ha ha, our lives are empty" controversy is a steaming bowl of monster turds, and that the now-viral pudgy pics were either photoshopped or warped by a misleading camera angle. The maligned Mother Monster nevertheless took this opportunity to lash back at tabloid bullies in a decidedly Gaga-fabulous fashion, admitting that, yes, not only has she recently put on 25 pounds, but she's still proud of her body and you should be too. So yesterday Gaga launched a "Body Revolution" campaign on her social media/fan site, Little Monsters, posting a series of un-retouched photos of herself posing with eyes closed in skimpy yellow underwear, and encouraging her followers to do the same.

In barely two days hundreds of users of all ages and body types have posted images of themselves—many shirtless, some full-blown naked, others focusing on scars, deformities and specific sources of their body image troubles—and thousands more have commented.

Gaga's professed goal for this campaign is "to Inspire Bravery and BREED some m$therf*cking COMPASSION," which is always nice. But does anyone else think that the call for underwear photos is kind of sketchy? All anyone needs in order to sign up for unlimited access to the Little Monsters forum is a birthday and a Facebook or Twitter account. There's really no way to regulate who sees and comments on what. So while Gaga's campaign certainly creates a positive support system for body-conscious fans, it also creates a functioning lurker system for webbernet weirdos. That could lead to some unpleasantness…

So we're kind of torn on this whole "Body Revolution" thing. While we applaud Gaga and her fans for shutting up the loud-mouthed, bottom-feeding tabloids who have nothing better to do than re-blog doctored fatpix, we're bloated with questions over here.

Is posting near-nude photos for an indiscriminate Internet audience really a constructive way to enhance your body image? Is it even safe? Is there anything inherently "brave" about one of the world's top-paid celebrities posting pics of her super hot bod online? Is this part of a larger publicity ploy for Gaga, turning ugly tabloid press into a massively clickable social media campaign?  Does any of that even MATTER if it's making people happier??? How many starving polar bear cubs could Gaga's meat corset actually feed????

We just don't know. What do you make of all this, Sparklers?

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