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Red Carpet Style at the 2012 Emmys



You guys know the drill.

An awards show happens, famous people show up, and I offer heartbreakingly profound commentary on their fancy digs. ("Digs" means "shoes," right? Am I cool yet?) Bu this time around, I'm going to do something revolutionary, innovative, and lazy: instead of writing an insightful, hilarious (read: excrutiatingly dull, stupor-inducing) paragraph to accompany each photo, I'll be serving up my opinion in a single phrase—sudden-death-snap-judgement style. It should make the whole experience vastly less painful for all of us (or possibly vastly more painful, but there's no way to tell until we've tried it). ONWARD TO ALL CAPS AND SENTENCE FRAGMENTS, BUTTS! 

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Tags: hayden panettiere, zooey deschanel, tina fey, award shows, celeb style, kat dennings, red carpet style, amy poehler, sarah hyland, sofia vergara, celebs we love, fashion slideshows, 2012 emmys, ginnifer goodwin, christina hendricks, jena malone

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