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What to Do If You Still Don't Have a Date For Homecoming

What to Do If You Still Don't Have a Date For Homecoming

In the next couple weeks, lucky high schoolers all over the nation will attend homecoming dances. They will take pictures with their group, dance with their boo, and then talk about the great time they had for weeks on end (great times which will probably be really exaggerated). If you don’t yet have a date for this dance, you’re probably feeling a bit left out and worried about how you will contribute to these conversations. What can you do when the dance is mere days away? We’ve got some ideas for you.

Put your ear to the ground. Even though you might feel like it, you’re not the only person in the world who didn’t get asked to homecoming. There are plenty of other girls who didn’t get asked, and plenty of boys who couldn’t man up enough to ask a girl. If you are determined to get a date, you’re going to need to do a little research and talk to people. Find out who's still dateless and wants to attend the dance. Willingness is key, because there are some homecoming haters who want nothing to do with this night, and that is not the kind of person you want to accompany you. If you ask a guy who doesn't have a date but has a lot of friends going, it could work out really well—he was probably just too shy to ask any girl (let alone someone as pretty as you!).

Make better plans. Another option: make superior plans, so that when people ask, “Hey, why didn’t I see you at homecoming? Were you there?" you have an answer that completely justifies and explains why you couldn’t attend. Is there an amazing concert coming to town? Splurge on tickets for yourself and a friend. Can you talk your parents into getting reservations at the best restaurant in the city, or even better, convince them to take you on a last-minute vacation? If those things aren’t feasible and you still want to knock people out with your plans, we give you full permission to tell a little white lie, as long as it’s not hurtful. Yes, feel free to talk about how you went to visit your cousin at her college and partied all weekend, or flew to see your long-distance boyfriend in Chicago for his birthday. Just try and make it believable!

Bring an outsider. Bringing someone from another school is always an option. Showing up with an outsider may even inspire some envy, as this stranger will be a new, alluring face on the scene. Your frenemies could get jealous, the claws could come out, dresses could get ripped—the possibilities are awesomely endless! Dig into your reserves to find a non-classmate date. Do you work at an ice cream shop after school? Might your nice coworker say yes if you casually ask him after buying him some pizza? Do you have an old neighbor you still keep in touch with on FB? What about any of your cousins—do they have any fun friends you could have a good time with? Think outside the box.

Go solo. So what if everyone is coupled up? That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to go to the dance. Sure, it would be nice to have someone to sway with during the slow songs, and force to bring you punch, but you don’t need a guy. If you were looking forward to the DJ and dancing with your girlfriends, why miss out just because you don't have a dude on your arm? If you don’t want to tag along with a group made up entirely of couples, we totally get it. Picture time could be a little awkward. Just skip that and show up to the main event—trust us, no one will even notice you came alone. Or hitch a ride with someone else who's going stag. Then relax and have fun dancing.

Are you going to homecoming? Do you still need a date? Got any other ideas for finding a date at the last second, or are you going with a bunch of friends?

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