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The Superfantastic Friday Awards!

The Superfantastic Friday Awards!

Whoopie for Fridays! We love Fridays. Why? Because each weekend means that Winter Break is getting closer. (No, it's definitely not too early to get excited for the Holidays.) But you know what else we love? YOU GUYS. And your epic, epic nerdiness. Now let's celebrate that nerdiness with THE FRIDAY AWARDS!

Happy Birthday to Invader_Pinkie, Bluebird_13, and wallflower_19.

The Bad Knock-Knock Joke Award goes to FantasyBookLover for this comment on the last Friday awards:

“Since I didn't win a Friward, I might as well leave a knock knock joke I made up.

Knock. Knock.

Who's there?


Friward who?

Friward two blocks. That's where I live”

Annnd this one on the post:

“I know it might sound stupid, but I just can't resist knock kncok jookes. So here goes:

Knock. Knock.

Who's there?

Spillit Me?

Spillit Me who?

Spllit me choco milkshake all over me.”

The Nerd Out Like a Bo$$ Award goes to Soccer2rules<333 for this comment:

“that really weird moment in history class when you answer questions about the early 1900s with immigrants and stuff and working conditions and all you describe is the Dr. Who episode pertaining to Hoovervilles etc. minus the alien bits and you're correct

then the teacher continues to say how great your definition was and that you hit the nail on the head and everyone in the class is curious how you knew exactly about 1913 and all you can do is smile cause you think of Dr. Who


The Super LOTR Fan Award goes to Arinflameseer for this comment on the Tolkien characters post:

“Aside from the fact that those were all made-up, it was a perfect list.

Here are some little-known JJRT characters that actually exist:
-Elmo, brother of Elwe (am serious. Unfinished Tales)
-Oropher, Legolas's Grandfather
-The 2 Blue Wizards that come across the sea with Gandalf and Saruman and are never mentioned again.
-Legolas of Gondolin, not Legolas of the Mirkwood


And LoOAs go to...

Daisymay236 for this comment on the steampunk post:

“Steampunk: when goths discover brown.”

Naturelover100 for this comment:

“Dear Neon Trees,

Of course everyone talks. I'm doing that right now.”

NinJas_are_Mi for this comment on the crushes post:

“I am a ninja. Ninjas show no emotion. Not even when they find out their crush of five years ago is a high school dropout/pothead. Not even then.”

Svulli for this comment on the babysitting post:

“I usually give my neighbors' kids cute nicknames, such as "minions" or "twerps" to make them feel more comfortable around me (because everyone knows that nicknames equal friendship). I also teach them about money by playing poker and blackjack for their mother's jewelry.”

Cece_fredzilla for this comment on the Instagram filters post:

“Just a question about the Lochte setting: Does it instantaneously make anyone in the photo become terrible at interviews?”

Aab19 for this comment on the password post:

“If your password is your 14-digit library card number: You are a book nerd to the highest degree. Your idea of excitement involves finding out who read the most books this summer.”

And PlathAddict16 for this comment on the Twilight post:

“Ooh, the chance to mock bad acting, bad writing, bad script writing, bad plotting, and bad special effects all at once? Did Christmas come early this year? XD”

Congrats, Friampions! Keep the comments coming!

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